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“Pyaar-Ka-Punchnama” has a myraid of newbies including the starcast music composers( Hitesh Sonik & Clinton Crejo) and lyricist (Luv Ranjan)! Heck even the director and producers are not quite the familiar faces. This movie is what would have been just another release in bollywood if not for its grand theatrical promocausing some stir online. Since then the hype for the film has just been augumented with the release of few portions of songs from the movie played as promos which readily aroused my curiousity to check out how the other full length tracks would sound! I can’t share much about the movie’s plot but the genre is becoming quite cliche now with a lotta similar movies releasing with regard to the story!

Album ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

Song Rating
Life Sahi Hai ★★★☆☆
Koi Aa Raha Paas Hai ★★½☆☆
Kutta ★★★★☆
Chak Glassi ★★★½☆
Baanwre ★★★☆☆
Ishq Na Kariyo kakke ★★★☆☆
Koi Aa Raha Paas Hai (Revisited) ★★★☆☆
Chak Glassi(Ad Boyz) ★★★½☆

1.Life Sahi Hai(K.K Vishal D,Benny Dayal & Sidd Coutto)

Quite an impressive start to the album and even as a title or starting the track in the movie i must say! A wonderful medley of voices by Vishal Dadlani, K.K(my personal favourites from the bollywood), Benny Dayal and Sidd coming together to create the deisred effect of a slow spirit uplifting song complimenting a really catchy tune! These kinda songs are well siuted to be heard while heading on a long drive or you wanna change into an upbeat mood !

2.Koi Aa Raha Paas Hai(Suraj Jagan)

After the first track if your wondering where as those fast and peppy tracks played in the promos you still have to wait as the 2nd track is quite a love ballad song! A cresendo from the strings at beginning of the track is quite pleasing and grows out into a medium paced song in terms of the tempo but with no heavy music those soul music types!

3.Kutta(Mika Singh)

Fianlly a change in pace a the kinda a track you’d be expecting for especially after seeing the promos of the movie! The song revolves arounf the theme where guys are compared to dogs in the manner of their behaviour when it comes to interacting with the girls! Impressive rhythm and chorus in the song and also the lyrics are quite good but may go wee overboard in terms of profanity at places if you listen closely nevertheless a big hit among the masses already!

4.Chak Glassi(Monali, Suzanne D’mello)

A tailormade club song for the discotheques which would have got bored already by playing the old numbers like “Char Baj Gaye”. Nice idea by the composer to keep an explosive track such as this towards the later stage. The song has a perfect rhythm composed by the Ad Boyz with some catchy lyrics and fun inspiring voice of Suzanne and Monali included to it!

5.Baanwre(Clinton Crejo)

A soft rock track from the movie album which gives a pleasant surprise with the mood change from the previous track! This song is a class above from the other 1s in the album which immediately graps your attention. According to the lyrics and the situation in the movie this song is suppossed to be a sad track but the music doesn’t give quite the same feel as you will be enjoying it! But Clinton should have stick to the music and let someone else try the singing.

6.Ishq Na Kariyo Kakke(Mika Singh,Earl)

The singer returns from the kutta song which is why this track sounds quite similar to it before you start wondering about it, he carries his profanity around too. Thsi exactly the song you have been hearing in the promos so ends the search and the almost the album too! The theme attributed to this track is to how guys decide to break from love and lead a new life!

7.Koi Aa Raha Paas Hai-Revisited (Sonu Nigam,Neuman Pinto,Racheal)

The Revisited version has another promosing mix of singers like Sonu Nigam Pinto and Dsouza. The song goes in quite easily on the ears and good effort is seen in the making of the music for the track!

8.Chak Glassi-Ad Boys version(Suzanne & Ad Boyz)

Its a more of a male verion of the club song although with Suzanne’s voice too in it! We really owe Ad boyz for coming up with two good versions of the song!

So the music album for “Pyaar ka Punchnama” has quite a few good tracks, 1 or 2 chartbusters and remainig a let down . Don’t miss “Kutta” track from the album, worth listening to and also the club song “Chak Glassi”!