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Cast : Sathya,Jagapathi Babu,Sanjay Barathi,Suresh,Rakul Preet Singh,Rachana Maurya

Music : James Vasanthan

Story : Vijay Adiraj

Editing : Kevin

Cinematography : J.Laxman Kumar

Lyrics : Madhan Karky,Na.Muthukumar

Screenplay : Vijay Adiraj

Direction : Vijay Adiraj


        Track Name     Singers    Rating
Kondadathaan Tippu,Rahul,Sunandan ★★★½☆
Mella Pookudhe Bellie Raj,Deepa Mariam ★★★★☆
Say That You Love Me Suchitra,Prasad ★★★★☆
Italica Mathangi ★★½☆☆
Money Is So Funny Gerard Johnson,Maya ★★★★☆

Album Analysis :


Singers : Tippu,Rahul,Sunandan

“Kondadathaan” is a fun,”open to liberty” type song.The lyrics are targeted at youngsters.The song though takes some time to pick up,is quite ear-catchy.The instrumentations are quite original & this might get popular among youngsters once the movie gets released.


Mella Pookudhe

Singers : Bellie Raj,Deepa Mariam

Almost everyone would agree that James Vasanthan’s strong forte is giving nice melodies.Remember Kangal Irandal ? Oru Vetkam Varudhey ? Naan Pogiren Mele ? add “Melle Pookudhe” to that list also.This is an outstanding duet with typical James Vasanthan signature written all over it.The album’s best song ! And this year’s best melody too !

Say That You Love Me

Singers : Suchitra,Prasad

“Say That You Love Me” is a fast paced,romantic,duet.The initial thing that impresses the listeners immediately is the freshness attributed to the song.The lead singers have done a fantastic job both competing with each other.This song could go viral if promoted properly.


Singers : Mathangi

“Italica” is let down mainly by some lackluster lyrics by Pa.Vijay.This is the single most weak song of the album.The lyrics really make the listener loose his interest no matter how different the arrangements are.Not upto the mark !


Money Is So Funny

Singers : Gerard Johnson,Maya

This is surely one of its kind in Tamil cinema.This is the promo song made exclusively for the movie.This type of true blue metal rock genre is very different to normal Tamil movie going listeners.The guitar bits are quite stunning.A completely new experience !

Picks of the album : Mella Pookudhe,Say That You Love Me,Money is So Funny

Album Verdict : This book has some interesting numbers too !

Album Rating : ★★★★★★★½☆☆