With a 7.5 rating in Gamespot, Prototype 2 has managed a good sequel to the original. Gameplay is the same as before, but the new soundtrack breathes a new life into the way we perceive the game. The following table lists the top 6 of the original OST released along with the Game in April 2012.

Track Name Artists Rating
Resurrection Scott R Morgan ★★★★½
Project Long Shadow Scott R Morgan ★★★☆☆
Lab Rat Scott R Morgan ★★★☆☆
Operation Flytrap Scott R Morgan ★★★★☆
Natural Selection Scott R Morgan ★★★★½
Murder your Maker Scott R Morgan ★★★½☆


1. Resurrection -:

This is the main theme of the game, and initiates it in a gloomy aftermath of its prequel. The clean-up of the city starts after the virus affects almost 3/4th of the population. The gentle piano solo accompanies the credits and the introduction and starts of into a deep driven ensemble once “Prototype 2” flashes across the screen. The rhythm from now is reminiscent of Zimmer’s Dark Night theme, when the officials are on an all-out alert for Alex Mercer and the scenes show them hunting him down. A parallel scene keeps playing showing James Heller thinking of his child and wanting to return home to her.

2. Project Long Shadow -:

Time to use your newly acquired Tendril power to take out some Blackwatch Troopers. The infiltration into the military base to investigate and to fight the Hydra is supported well by the menacing heavy bass and the tempo of the music indeed makes u scurry and hurry through the site. The stealth is the criteria for this mission and once mission is complete, the track ends with the usual trademark prototype high riff.

3. Lab Rat -:

This mission is an all-out frontal attack, in which we need to target and destroy one chopper. Dodging APC, soldiers, civilians and everything in our path till the end. The soundtrack emphasizes this with heavy drumbeats and the tempo of the track keeps increasing to a feverish point and ends of with a slow violin solo when Mission complete.

4. Operation Flytrap -:

This is one of the dangerous and challenging missions in the game. James has to infiltrate the Gentek corporation. Stealth and disguise is the key to finish and is amply backed up by a neat track that signifies the direness and the gravity of the mission.

5. Natural Selection -:

Of course, you’ve been ambushed by Koenig. Defeat the ambush, which includes helicopters, APCs, and supersoldiers. Koenig is an extremely powerful foe and along with the ambush, James has a lot to handle. The music sets the fervent pace for the onslaught. The marching like beats keeps increasing till it reaches the crescendo during one on one with Koenig. When the fight is over, the usual high riff finishes off the track in style.

6. Murder your Maker -:

This is the final fight against Alex Mercer, where the quest to destroy the virus and taking revenge culminates into an epic battle between the super beings. The longest track in the album is there for a reason as the fight between evenly matched individuals drag on for quite a bit. The track is a medley of soft riffs and the sudden rise in tempo and strength as the fight ensues. The track is sure to make the final battle a real thrilling experience to play.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Though the soundtrack matches well with the gameplay, we can’t help but notice the Zimmer like influence carried over from the likes of COD MW2 or The Dark Knight. The strings and the bass draws a lot of parallel between NYC and Gotham under duress. Well… as long as it works, who is complaining?…