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Music Director -: Stuart Chatwood

Song Name Singers/Performers Rating
Welcome Within Stuart Chatwood ★★★★☆
Chase of Time Stuart Chatwood ★★★★☆
Conflict at the Entrance Stuart Chatwood ★★★★½
Tower Encounter Stuart Chatwood ★★★★½
Escape the Dahaka Stuart Chatwood ★★★★☆
I Stand Alone Godsmack ★★★★½

Welcome Within -:

Composer : Stuart Chatwood

Dark, mysterious, an enigma: that is how the game welcomes you in the main menu. Aptly    titled, this piece really enshrouds you with the melancholy, deep, brooding dark terror. The lone cry of the vocals, the increasing tempo and the eventual return to the starting note is clearly reminiscent of German hard rock. Welcome Within to the ultimate crusade of the Prince against Time itself!

Chase Of Time-:

Composer: Stuart Chatwood

This is the prologue to the actual game, refreshing our memory of the Prince’s exploits in the Sands of Time. It is a rather lengthy sequence which plays throughout the intro scenes. Starting with escaping the Dahaka, venturing into the past to explain why, the narration of the prophecy by the wise man, culminating with the encounter with Shaadi. The music changes abruptly, along the lines of the scenes, but not failing to complement them appropriately.

Conflict at the Entrance-:

Composer: Stuart Chatwood

This is a peppy, fast paced hard rock, filled to the brim with attitude that normally can be seen accompanying a Kollywood intro fight!! Naturally this highlights the first fighting encounter against Shaadi’s forces in the ship. This tune continues to dominate the fighting sequences until the prince reaches the Garden Tower after killing Shaadi. The pace of the music and the attitude perfectly complements the Free-Flow fighting system designed for the game. The syncing of the visuals with the music is pretty awesome as well.

Tower Encounter

Composer: Stuart Chatwood

This magical piece of Persian-Metal combo is just simply outstanding! Believe me when I say the fights in the Hanging Gardens – the replica of the one in Babylon -both in the withered present, and in the salubrious past  are a sight to behold… the breath taking visuals woven with Persian intricacies, filled with death metal vigour and the dynamics of the Free-Flow fighting system makes the Garden Tower, one of the best levels I have ever played on an RPG game!

Escape the Dahaka-:

Composer: Stuart Chatwood

The main highlight of this game is the Dahaka chases. These escape sequences are phenomenally planned, forcing the prince to move to past. The escaping involves heavy parkouring and sleight of fingers at the controls. To beef up the excitement, the musical score accompanying this is fast, ruthlessly heavy and pumps the distortion to the max to make you sit at edge of the seat and try desperately to avoid being consumed by the Guardian of Time. The menacing tune continuously reminds that there is a very fine line between life and death even in the real world.

I Stand Alone-:

Composer:  Godsmack

Yes it is Godsmack. Their mind numbing hit single, the one song that defined the band and propelled them to stardom. “I Stand Alone” was nominated for two categories at the Grammy’s, and a gold certification and sold over 2 million copies worldwide. The power of the game is expressed through this, as it was extensively used in the game trailers and in certain levels in the Mechanical Tower. Even the credits had this playing at the start. This song earns the perfect 10 this time.

Album ★★★★★★★★½☆

The mere idea of using Gothic Metal and Hard Rock in a Middle Eastern theme seems fantastic, and to actually pull it off in style? Stuart Chatwood has shown why the POP franchises are always a huge success. The key idea is to emphasize the Free-Flow fighting system in the game which is a first. The racy heavy beats and notes mixes nicely with the congeries of moves available, makes you unleash the Warrior Within!

These are the top 6 picks of the original 32 tracks composed for the game, released in November 30th, 2004.

Reviewed by Manishgant, MusicPerk Team.