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Movie Name:- Prema Kavali

Music Director :-  Anoop rubens

Song Name Singers/Performers Rating
Dum Dum Dolu Baje Benny  Dayal ★★★★☆
Chirunavve Visirave Vijay prakash ★★★★½
Tholakari chinukai Ranjith,Shreya Ghoshal ★★★☆☆
Listen to my heart Anuj, Anjana Soumya ★★★½☆
Manasantha mukkalu chesi Kay Kay ★★★★☆
Nuvve Nuvve na Chitra,Vijayaprakash ★★½☆☆
Chirunavve Visirave(Remix) Vijay prakash ★★★★☆

1. Dum Dum Dolu Baje :-

Singer-: Benny Dayal

Lyrics-: Ananth Sriram

The new generation lyricist Ananth Sriram is known for penning lyrics by using English, Hindi and Telugu words freely in the songs to bring josh to the youth. Though the song begins with western music, Anup Rubens gave the song a folk touch, by using trumpet, guitar and drums in a rhythmic style. The staring music of the song is similar to the “Dhoom again” from Dhoom 2 .The tune has good foot tapping music and makes the youth to dance to the tune when played in a party. However, the length of the song is a bit long and appeared to have been stretched.

2. Chirunavve Visirave :-

Singer -: Vijay Prakash

Lyrics -:AnanthSriram

This song is a melodious number. Song begins with a guitar bit with an age-old and routine drum beat in the backdrop. Surprisingly, the lyricist completely penned the song with Telugu words and it seems the song was filled with melody because of the non-inclusion of other language words. An interesting number in the album.

3. Tholakari chinukai

Singer : Ranjith,Shreya Ghoshal

Lyrics : Sahithi

It is quite a romantic song. Shreya Ghoshal’s husky voice did complete justice to the tune. Ranjit’s high pitch voice too helped her in maintaining the romantic aspects in the song. In the beginning there are a couple of English words to give a fast pace to the launch of the song. The literary values in the song are good. One would get the romantic feel even while listening to the audio song.

4. Listen to my heart

Singers -: Anuj, Anjana Soumya

Lyrics-: Bhuvana Chandra

This is a fast beat song. It is a duet with the hero pleading with the heroine for accepting his love and listen to his heart. Though the song was tuned with a fast beat, the woman singer’s voice is quite melodious and only the audiences could feel the fast beat when anuj sings the song . The electric guitar beat in the end elevated the level of the song

5. Manasantha mukkalu chesi

Signer -:Kay Kay

Lyrics -: Ananth Sriram

It appears to be a pathos song. It appears the hero is expressing his anguish over the misunderstanding of the heroine. Ananth Sriram penned the lyric based on the situation. The music director gave the tuning with a touch of ‘Chirunavve Visirave…’ song between stanzas. Although it is a sorrowful song, the music director tuned it in a fast beat instead of stretching in a sorrowful mood.A remarkable one in the album.

6. Nuvve Nuvve Na

Signer -:Chitra,Vijaya Prakash

Lyrics -: Ramajogaiah Sastry

It is a duet between the hero and heroine and the song begins with the laugh of the most melodious singer Chitra. Ramajogaiah Sastry maintained good literary values in the song and the music director too tuned in a melodious manner and the music did not dominate the lyric and gave a good scope to listen to the lyric clearly. This song was also penned with complete Telugu words and without mixing any other language words

7. Chirunavve Visirave(remix) -:

Singer -: Vijay Prakash

Lyrics -:AnanthSriram

While the original song was tuned in a melodious tune, the remix tune was at a fast pace. It was proved that a music director could give a song a fast beat even if the lyricist pens a song with Telugu words and the song is good listen even in the fast beat. The remix version is oot tapping and An interesting number in the album.

Album Rating – ★★★½☆

Adhi,The son of Dailogue king Saikumar is making debut with this film.The film is directed by K.Vijayabhaskar and is being produced by K Achireddy on the banner of Max India Productions. Isha Chawla is also making her debut as heroine through this film. While his father and grandfather were known to have a perfect voice for modulation and dubbed their voice for several other artistes, we have to wait and watch how Aadhi performed on the screen. Hope a tiger would definitely give birth to a tiger, let us hope Aadhi would also make a mark on the screen. Anup Rubens gave melodious tunes to all the songs. Though a couple of songs are a little slow, the remaining are with a fast beat and make the audiences to tap their feet while listening them.