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Director: Veerabhadram

Producer: K.Acchi Reddy

Cast: Sunil, Isha Chawla etc

Music director: Anoop Rubens

Song Name Singers/Performers Rating
Chocolate  Udit Narayan, Meenal Jain ★★★½☆
Nuvve Karthik, Gayathri ★★★★☆
Nuvvu Naaku Kaavaali Anup Rubens,Ranjith,Kausalya ★★★☆☆
Okkade Okkade Raja Hassan, Noel, Lipsika ★★★½☆
Poola Rangadu Benny Dayal, Nakash, Bhargavi, Lipsika ★★★★☆



Artists: Udit Narayan, Meenal Jain

Udit’s voice is good to hear and the good lyrics play an equal role in making this an impressive song.  This is a duet and just as required, it has a good amount of energy. Anup Rubens has taken good care in recording music patterns and as a result, one can get that Mass feel in the music.


Artists: Karthik, Gayathri

Sung by Karthik and Gayathri, this is the best song in the album. With entertaining lyrics from Vanamali, music lovers will simply love this soft song with a romantic feel.

Nuvvu Naaku Kaavaali

Artists:  Anup Rubens, Ranjith, Kausalya
Ramajogayya Sastry

There is nothing spectacular about this song apart from the melodious music right at the start of the song. The singers did a decent job but one can’t help but feel Kousalya’s performance lacked involvement.

Okkade Okkade

Artists: Raja Hassan, Noel, Lipsika

This is a commercial song in a village backdrop which is bound to keep the masses going. The lyrics were just fine and the energy of the singers coupled with a generous use of the native instruments makes this an interesting song to listen to.

Poola Rangadu

Artists: Benny Dayal, Nakash, Bhargavi, Lipsika
Lyricist: Ananth Sriram

Benny Dayal’s voice is the most important cog in this classic song introducing the hero. The singers have done a very good job too and one can feel great energy right through the song. This is one of the better songs in this album.

Album rating ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Though Anup Rubens has left a lot to be desired, Nuvve and Poola Rangadu are two songs that lift this album to a respectable level.


Album reviewed by Pulipati Narapa Naidu.