Song – Podhum Podhum

Film – Virattu

Singers – Andrea Jeremiah, Naresh Iyer

Music – Dharan Kumar

Lyrics – Karky

Music on – Sony Music

 Virattu Tamil Movie Posters

It is the first single from the movie – Virattu. The song starts off on a slow note & as it gets into the grove, it slowly makes the listener get the feel of a rock track. The guitar work at the start along with Andrea Jeremiah’s voice fits in for one a finest Tamil Rock/Pop Genre. Andrea should think about coming up with a rock album of her own. As the song hits the most engaging part comes Naresh Iyer crooning a fine melody which goes perfectly well with Andrea’s voice. Joining these two in giving an additional touch to this song is the Music director himself, Dharan. After youth full songs in Poda Podi, Dharan is someone to look for this year. This year might be the turning point in his career. Dharan’s music is fresh, energetic, engaging. The Lyrics of the song needs a special mention too. Madhan Karky has got what today’s youth look in a song – catchy and meaningful lyrics. The Lyrics are right up to the song and the movie title – soft, racy, rhyming. Play this on loop, am sure you are up for an all new addiction.

Musicperk Rating : ★★★★★★★½☆☆