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Cast : Silambarasan, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Ganesh, Shobhana, Santhanam, Premji

Music : Dharan

Lyrics : Vaali, Vignesh Sivaa, Silambarasan, Na. Muthukumar

Story : Vignesh Sivaa

Editing : Anthony Gonslaves

Cinematography : Duncan Telford

Screenplay : Vignesh Sivaa

Direction : Vignesh Sivaa

Poda Podi marks the first combination between Simbhu & Dharan. Dharan’s songs from Parijatham are still heard in many playlists. This movie also marks the debut of Varalakshmi Sarathkumar & the plot is said to revolve around a dancing couple. So, music technically should play a vital role in the film. Will Dharan’s music lift the movie ? Lets find out :


               Track Name     Singers       Rating
Love Pannlama Venama      Silambarasan ★★★½☆
Podaa Podi      Benny Dayal, Andrea Jeremiah ★★★★½
Hare Rama Hare Krishna      Dharan ★★★½☆
Maattikittenae     Naresh Iyer, Benny Dayal, Suchitra ★★★½☆
Un Paarvaiyilae     Sindhu, Pradeep, Moonisha ★★★★½
Appan Mavanae Vaada     Silambarasan ★★★½☆
I am a Kuthu Dancer     Silambarasan, Shankar Mahadevan ★★★★☆
Theme of Podaa Podi    Instrumental ★★★★☆


Album Analysis :

Love Pannlama Venama

Singers : Silambarasan

Already released, already popular thanks to the promos & some funny lyrics by Silambarasan. This song will purely appeal to youngsters. This song is not the typical pallavi-charanam type instead it falls under the category of Loosu Penne, Evan Di Pethan, etc atleast lyrically. Dharan has done a good job regarding the instrumentation & lyrics are targeted at youth exclusively. Whatever people might say about this song, there is no denying the fact that it is highly entertaining !

Podaa Podi

Singers : Benny Dayal, Andrea Jeremiah

The best song of the album ! The prelude itself will take the listeners by surprise. The lyrics by Na. Muthukumar deserve a standing ovation. Benny & Andrea are apt for this tune. The tune is very pleasant, simple & addictive too. Keeping the foreign locales in mind, I guess nothing much in this song to go wrong at all. Obviously, one of the best love duets heard in recent times. Period !

Hare Rama Hare Krishna

Singers : Dharan

One of the slow, pleasant songs in the album. Dharan takes up the singing responsibility too. The female chorus plays a major part in this song. But, don’t know why they haven’t credited anyone apart from Dharan. The first interlude which mixes violin, piano is very classy. Vignesh Sivaa has written lyrics for majority of the songs in the album & this is his best one. Very chirpy song !


Singers : Naresh Iyer, Benny Dayal, Suchitra

Techno fest! This song looks like an immediate successor to Simbhu’s last hit “Evan Di Unna Pethan”. The prelude humming by Suchitra & the synth beats following them are testimony. Even the interlude has similar arrangements & the synth piece deserves an applause. The lyrics though some might find crappy are very youth centric. Infact, the whole tune is very youthful & vocals by Suchitra, Benny & Naresh just rock this song. Peppy!

Un Paarvaiyilae

Singers : Sindhu, Pradeep, Moonisha

Second best song of the album ! Highly innovative tune with superb blend of instruments used in the background. The vocals are purposefully made comical. The lyrics do help this cause. This song is definitely not for the conventional music listeners. This has uniqueness written all over it. A very short song though. Innovative !

Appan Mavanae Vaada

Singers : Silambarasan

Vaali is back! Silambarasan takes up the singer’s role & this is a treat for his fans. The song caters to all sections with the interludes being top-notch. But, the real star of the song is Vaali’s lyrics. The lyrics describe a father’s feelings towards his son. The vocals are typical simbuish. The dhol background beats are distinct. The “magane. . ” segment is the best part of the song.

I am a Kuthu Dancer

Singers : Silambarasan,  Shankar Mahadevan

If Appan Mavane is a treat for Simbhu’s fans, musically then this one is sure to be a visual dance fest. The lyrics take a jig at Simbhu’s yesteryear chartbusters. Also, the lyrics are pretty much funny & the song belongs to a new genre (Rock + Folk ?) Shankar Mahadevan demands authority throughout the song & this one’s going to be a fan favourite once the movie releases. Smiles all over !

Theme of Podaa Podi

Singers : Instrumental

The theme music starts with small piano improvisations & a minute later goes to a different level when the violin piece comes up. This is by far one of the best theme music’s we have heard in recent times. This one in some way would remind the users of Mayakkam Enna’s theme music(No, they aren’t similar though)A brilliant piece exhibiting the pangs of love, separation & emotions. A pat in the back !

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Dharan, who had a dream debut in “Parijatham” needed a break as big as this & boy, he has delivered immensely. This is Simbhu’s best musical album after “Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya”. The film, being about dance is having some nice tunes & the only negative aspect one might complain is that of over-usage of voice processing. Some of the lyrics might appeal to youngsters but they might not go down well with elder audience. The movie has been in the making for a long time but the songs are very fresh & urbane. However, all said & done, this album will rank amongst the top ones this year & the songs cater well to both mass and class. Either the songs are highly appealing or highly innovative which is a boon !

Picks of the album : Poda Podi, Maatikitiye, Un Paarvaiyile, Theme Music, Hare Rama Hare Krishna

Album Verdict : Fresh, Loaded & Rocking !!