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So after releasing multiple hit singles, videos, performing over 1000 gigs and making his fanbase all by himself, Ed Sheeran under Atlantic records released his album ‘+ ‘ last September. There are no club remixes or the likes in the album so it’s purely Ed Sheeran. The album also features his hit singles: ‘A team’, ‘Lego House’, ‘Drunk’ and ‘You need me, I don’t need you’. This 50 minutes and 1 second lasting album has the following 12 tracks.

Song Name Rating
A Team ★★★★☆
Drunk ★★★☆☆
U.N.I ★★★☆☆
Grade 8 ★★½☆☆
Wake me up ★★★☆☆
Small Bump ★★★★☆
This ★★★½☆
The city ★★½☆☆
Lego House ★★★☆☆
You need me, I don’t need you ★★☆☆☆
Kiss me ★★★½☆
Give me love ★★★★☆


1. A Team:

This track may not be a stranger to you, it was a huge success! It topped the UK billboard and the American indie artist, Birdie also made a cover on it (which is quite good by the way!). This is a slow and a sad number about a crack addicted prostitute who finally succumbs to the hardships of life. The lyrics are nice, my favourite being, “it’s too cold outside for angels to fly, for angels to die”.  The music however is nice and conveys the sadness in the words and so does Ed’s voice. You may love it or can like it but it’s nice enough to not hate the track.

2. Drunk:

This post break up second track is average both lyrically and musically. The track is about him contemplating on resorting to alcohol to feel better. The falsetto he uses seems to complement the lyrics and the music.

3. U.N.I:

This is another break up song from him where he talks about finally quitting the relationship for the betterment of both the parties. The music is good at certain parts but when he tries to sing fast, the music seems absurd. I won’t go back to this track. Tell me if you would!

4. Grade 8:

This is a peppy fourth track but then somehow fails to reach the point where it is aiming to reach in terms of sensuality and intensity. The music is average and lyrics a little absurd unlike his other songs.

5. Wake me up:

This is a lovely ballad about his mysterious lover. The beautiful piano recital in the background along with the beautiful but simple words creates a peaceful space around you. It could be an ideal sleepy time track!

6. Small Bump:

‘You are my one and only, you can wrap your fingers around my thumb and hold me tight’, this sixth track is just lovely where he talks about a miscarriage or abortion. The music is really beautiful and his voice is very soothing. There is something about the beats and the music that makes me add it to my travel playlist! I would definitely go back to this song again! The lyrics are melancholic; however, the music fails to convey that.

7. This:

‘This’ is one song that reminded me the most of the Irish artist, Damien Rice’s ‘The Blower’s Daughter’. The slow rock rhythm employed is similar to the Damien’s famous piece. However, the song doesn’t sound like an independent piece but more like an extension of some other song.  Overall, this is an above average track.

8. The city:

This eighth track speaks about his ambitious and restless nature and also how lonely he feels in the big London city. The track is an average number both lyrically and musically. I might not go back to this song.

9. Lego House:

Another hit single he added as the ninth track in the album. The music is nice and he confesses about his feelings for a girl. The song is easy to listen to. There is a chance of you getting easily bored of the track.

10. You need me, I don’t need you:

He tries to bring out his love for hip-hop through this tenth track. He is talking about how he reached where he is because of his own hard work and scorns at people who corrupts music. The lyrics are very ambitious and cocky and his voice brings that attitude quite nicely. Still, if you have heard some good hip-hop and rap artists, this track may seem unbearable.

11. Kiss me:

This is a beautiful ballad about him falling for a girl. Pleasant music and simple but nice lyrics together makes it a good listen. The beats and the lyrics may haunt you all day long. So beware!

12. Give me love:

This final track is perfect as the ending song. A very folksy number and his voice sound very deep in this track. The lyrics are good and the music is very uplifting. The chorus sounds dreamy which is what I like about the song. This is a ‘must-listen’ track.

Verdict : This young brit is pretty fascinated by folk, hip-hop and r&b, this becomes evident while listening to the album as it’s a mash-up of all these genres. He has also confessed that Damien Rice has been a huge musical influence which one cannot fail to notice when you listen to numbers like ‘This’ and ‘Kiss me’. The album is a fine medium to look into Ed Sheeran’s life and mind alike. His lyrical style is simple and do not have those deep twisted meanings. Also, the lyrics are way better than what his fellow teenage musicians come out with. Ed Sheeran sounds brilliant in slow, romantic numbers. His music is nice and easy to the ears. Though, this might not give him a wider audience! Would you go back to this album, again? May be for a few songs but may be not for the entire tracklist.

 Overall ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

This album was reviewed by Tania Paul of Musicperk