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Artist: Planetary Nights
Website: www.planetarynights.comhttp://planetarynights.bandcamp.com/
Style: Americana, Rock, Roots
Album: ‘Today Ain’t Too Late’
Highlights: Band features Kelley Looney (Steve Earle), Rob Thomas (Peter Frampton), and Phil Cimino (Chris Barron).

Planetary Nights is the musical vehicle of singer-songwriter R.J. McSweeney. His latest studio album “Today Ain’t Too Late” was produced by roots rock veteran Eric “Roscoe” Ambel (www.ericambel.com), who also contributed his renowned guitar wizardry. Together with R.J.’s lead vocals and rhythm guitars, Kelley Looney (Steve Earle) on bass, Rob Thomas (Peter Frampton) on keys and Phil Cimino (Chris Barron) on drums, the album delivers a wide range of original rockers and ballads. Planetary Nights songs have been licensed and featured by the A&E Network (“Dog the Bounty Hunter” episode), ESPN (theme song for a 21-segment Sports Center series; Southeastern and Big East football) and the Alliance of Action Sports. So lets review their album right away.

Song Rating Review
Ember ★★★½☆ A simple and catchy song with less blaring sounds.
A good hear.
Today Ain’t Too Late ★★½☆☆ Similar to but quite faster than the previous one.
Harmony ★★★★☆ A good hear with a different tune. Cool song!!
Ghosts in My Mind ★★★★☆ Another different tune and good guitar work!
Mocha Jeydene ★★★½☆ Different funny sounds then and there make this more of
a hilarious song!
Comin’ On Home ★★★☆☆ A simple song with great interludes!!
Solstice Tide ★★★☆☆ Another familiar song with interesting interludes!
Rollin’ On Again ★★★★☆ An interesting and well composed song. Good one to listen!
The Secret ★★½☆☆ A normal song. Nothing much to say!
Breathe in the Night ★★½☆☆ Similar to the previous song. A simple and slow song.
Evangeline ★★★½☆ A peppy and quirky composition.
Breeze ★★★★☆ A breezy and different tune!
Together ★★★½☆ A fast song with fine interludes
Infinite Embrace ★★★☆☆ Slow song with a good tune set to it!

Overall, it is a fine album with few good compositions. It is to be noted that their previous music has received excellent reviews, like Billboard Discoveries: “Road Trip”, the rip-roaring first single from Planetary Nights’ 14-track Elliptical Motion is an ideal showcase for the musical vision of singer/songwriter R.J. McSweeney, the namesake behind the band. Licensed by ESPN for its “Sports Center”, the song beckons, “We’re taking a trip, we’re going together/To the hills or the shore, it don’t really matter/Your love and laughter are all I’m after. Good times, huh? Equally robust, N.Y.C. offers a shout-out to McSweeney’s home base, displaying his obvious penchant for classic rock, blues and soul. The more restrained Starting Over, If Ever, Ebony Eyes and Hide Away reveal the musician’s more soulful side with equal skill.”

Let us wish Planetary Nights becomes a very famous one in days to come.