Family is a theme to often missing from the world of Pop music. Phil Jones seems to be bridging this gap with songs like “Gone” which are full of depth and passionate lyricism. This is definitely dedicated to the one he loves, but unlike the Mamas and Papas, Phil’s family saga nixes the heart break and drugs in exchange for serenity and true love.

This richly layered song is paired with scenic visions of Phil’s homeland Kawaii and the ridiculously mellow activities of a centered couple. They enjoy a hike through the bucolic green land, children in toe, stopping under waterfalls and shady trees to take it all in. When the refrain calls out “it’s on, it’s on, it’s on” its clear to see this is a satisfied man with a satisfied song.

How amazing is it that someone can pine over his lover after so many years, kids, changes, etc… pretty damn amazing. Its easy to whip up a song based on the hormonal pulses of lust, but to really dig deep and come up with something invigorating and sexy about a long term relationship, that’s magic. Curious why Phil doesn’t end up with his wife in the infinity hot tub by the end, but I suppose the sensual island man pulling us into his exotic web is just as steamy.

We look forward to Phil’s up coming surfed out poetic rock release One – due out some time in early 2013.

-Gregory Calempore