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Artist: Kelsea Little

Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Folk

Lyrics: Kelsea Little

Kelsea Little is known to create magic with her five foot-tall harp as she started her music career with San Diego folk-rock band  – “The Wrong Trousers” in 2006. After the band’s indefinite hiatus, she decided to venture out on her own with her new album, ‘Personal Myth’.  The critics have called her music uniquely relatable with enticing lyrics and a melody that is utterly evocative. Let’s see if the description fits our taste as well.


Track Name Rating
Blue Feather ★★½☆☆
It hasn’t gone away ★★★½☆
Walnuts in Peru ★★★½☆
Daisy chains ★★☆☆☆
Is Art ★★½☆☆
Hands ★½☆☆☆
Now is All We Have ★★★☆☆
Your Garment Life ★★☆☆☆
Sequence Yourself ★★½☆☆
Go Team, Go! ★★½☆☆

1. Blue Feather

The song starts off with light notes that change haphazardly and in an unpredictable way as the song progresses. The voice is somehow modulated in a way that acts a deterrent to the flow of the song. The lyrics are well written. The track takes an interesting turn towards the end as it gets peppy, and the voice sounds less constricted.

2. It Hasn’t Gone Away

The best part of the song seems to be the sensual lyrics which tell the story told a long time back. The acoustics suit the track just fine but something has gone absolutely haywire is the singer trying to switch from genre to another mid-way with absolutely no sync or rhythm in them. But what sets the song apart is the emotion and the joy of the song.

3. Walnuts in Peru

The title of the track is a mystery. Getting on to other things, the song surprisingly pleasant, the lyrics are a sound of tweedle. The keys accentuate the melody and the song at every moment but at one point you wish the artist stops crooning too much on some words, which comes across as a major turn-off.

4. Daisy Chains

The track sounds more like a recital than a song. What is the artist trying to do? Had it not been for the acoustics, the song would have sounded absolutely drab, which it already is. What could have turned out to be a good drunken pop song now sounds like child’s poem. A very disappointing attempt.

5. Is Art

The music, the voice, the intonation, the pitch contour, everything about the track seems so fine, but the lyrics? All the song seems to say is, ‘The way the flowers collect on the ground is art.’ Well, a little effort there would have worked wonders.

6. Hands

A major disappointment with the vocals as well the music. The lyrics could have do so much well with better singing and better acoustics.

7. Now is All We Have

Now, that’s a real song there. A song that’s truly inflected with some good music, singing, peppy beats and yes, good lyrics. You only wished the song continued its elegance until the end where it kind of takes an off-beat and ends in a dilapidated way.

8. Your Garment Life

The thought of the song has to be appreciated, ‘You’d never forget your clothes, and now darling, you won’t forget me.’ It does kind of sound cute in a way, but to have woven an entire song into this very thought gets too monotonous. The song has no rhythm as such, the singer just croons to some very badly written lyrics.

9. Sequence yourself

With boring lyrics, not so distinguishable music or acoustics, the same boring voice, the song hasn’t got anything new to the audience. The singer, very badly, needs to buck up if she plans on impressing the audience in the future.

10. Go, Team Go!

The song starts with some interesting keys, the drums are pretty evocative too, as you expect a good song finally. And you wait too long, far too long with no abundance of lyrics at all. The song could have definitely done with more lyrics and a little of more of singing than merely crooning.

The artist has got long way to before she can make it big.  More practice and better feel maybe?

Album Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆