Pepper Fest-2013 was a novel first-of-its-kind venture organised by the students of NIT Calicut, as part of their annual three day cultural fete, Ragam-2013, to showcase an exhilarating blend of different musical genres by upcoming bands. Pepper Fest was attended by a footfall of over five thousand people which included distinguished guests, students and music lovers from all over the country. Pepper Fest was a unique stage for upcoming Indian bands featuring different musical styles.

Rock music has been reinvented and redefined ever since its emergence to captivate and enthral its fan following. And therefore, it is a tedious task to apply a straightforward definition to the concept of rock music. At Pepper Fest, variants of rock music took centre stage as bands roared and the audience grooved to their tunes.

Two Decades and after, a Kochi-based heavy metal band, the winners of ‘Amplified’ (the Battle of the Bands event of Ragam’13) opened the concert to the thunderous applause and head banging by the audience. The atmosphere, charged up with fervent energy, was laced with fun and friendly vibe.

Skrat, an alternate indie rock trio from Chennai, mesmerised the audience from their extensive repertoire. The music was flawless and the rhythm perfect. Their fans had no trouble identifying themselves with the band and had the audience up on their feet in number.

Another Chennai-based band ‘Jhanu’ had the crowd head banging to some heavy Tamil rock. The performance was power packed and the gig will carve out a special place for itself in the hearts of every rock music lover who attended the concert.

Another highlight of the Pepperfest was the lantern fest. The lantern fest was a visual treat for any beholder as the simplicity and elegance of the floating lanterns mesmerised and captivated the eager audience. If the Pepperfest succeeded in charging up the atmosphere, the lantern fest invited awestruck looks from the audience. As the lanterns melted away into the darkness, one could hear herself/himself shouting encore.

Sky lantern

The meticulous planning and perseverance ensured the roaring success of the event. Hopefully, we shall see Pepper Fest return for Ragam-2014 and gradually develop into a major cult for music lovers across the country.

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