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Album name: Paramore

Artist: Paramore

Label: Fueled by Ramen

Genre: Alternative rock, Power pop, Pop punk, Pop-Rock, New Wave


Paramore’s fourth self-titled studio album that was released on the 5th of April is, without doubt, their best effort yet! Released through Fueled by Ramen, it’s a little over an hour long and contains a freshness that most bands lose by this point. Of course, since this is their first album without the Farro brothers, they are essentially starting over.

The band’s fourth albumis an inspired mish-mash of rock/pop/new wave genres and quirky/intense/confessional lyrics that surprises you at every turn!

Track Rating
Fast in My Car ★★★★☆
Now ★★★★☆
Grow Up ★★★½☆
Daydreaming ★★★☆☆
Interlude: Moving On ★★★☆☆
Ain’t It Fun ★★½☆☆
Part II ★★★½☆
Last Hope ★★★★☆
Still Into You ★★★★★
Anklebiters ★★★½☆
Interlude: Holiday ★★★☆☆
Proof ★★★½☆
Hate to See Your Heart Break ★★★★★
(One of Those) Crazy Girls ★★★½☆
I’m Not Angry Anymore ★★★½☆
Be Alone ★★★½☆
Future ★★★★★

1. Fast in My Car

A peppy and revved up electro-rock number that’s very characteristic of the band’s signature sound! Williams and the band are at home as far as this track is concerned.

2. Now

This track has been described as “futuristic” and “dystopian”. The mix of explosive vocals and escalating drumbeats makes it extremely catchy and anthemic!


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Grow Up

An empowering song that is about growing out of a relationship! Essentially a break-up song that is beautiful because of the sentimentality attached to it.

4. Daydreaming

The tempo is as fast as ever, with the background instrumentals practically sketching out an ideal landscape. However, the lyrics felt out of sync with the beatand the blaring vocals; and the track as a whole went over my head.

5. Interlude: Moving On

Williams’ vocals shine here, with the minimalist instrumentation.

6. Ain’t It Fun

A solid track that seemed to lack substance. Not one of my favourites! It’s a pity as I liked Hayley Williams’ vocals, the beats that didn’t immediately scream “Paramore” and even the background vocals.

7. Part II

Screams “trip down the memory lane” with lyric phrases reminiscent of tracks from Paramore’s previous albums.

8. Last Hope

A slow song that makes up for its pace with its impact. Prickles you with feeling as Williams sings about that last shred of hope that means everything in the world; because it ignites you and keeps you from going over the edge. The lyrics are empowering and Williams does it full justice.

9. Still Into You

This power pop/pop rock/new wave smash single is swoony as it is catchy!It makes a long term relationship sound as fun and sexy as new love; with the imagery of a running montage of interlocked fingers, making it through the “worst fights” and lingering butterflies!

10. Anklebiters

Fast beats, introspective lyrics and the chant in the chorus makes it the kind of happy song you turn up the volume for!

11. Interlude: Holiday

A good acoustic bridge between the previous tracks and the ones that are to come. Captures a lazy holiday fantasy that brings a smile to your face.

12. Proof

The drumming is incredible, like pulsating heart beats. And the line “my heart is bigger than the distance in between us” is made of absolute win.

13. Hate to See Your Heart Break

Just when you’re all fired up, Paramore throws in this adorable, mellow ballad and it nearly breaks your heart. The lyrics are precious (there is no other word o.o) and Williams completely captures the mood of the song. The succeeding instrumentation only adds to the wondrous bittersweetness that characterizes the track.

14. (One of Those) Crazy Girls

A fun, dreamy retro-sounding track that is over the moon! It’s starry-eyed, kind of stalkerish and utterly crazy in the best possible way.

15. Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore

Another whimsical uke-laden interlude you’ll probably find yourself singing along to. I did! It felt straight out of a diary entry, this track.

16. Be Alone

In the same vein as “(One of Those) Crazy Girls”, only more amped up and adrenaline-inducing. The lyrics “You should be alone/Yeah, you should be alone/You should be alone/with me” reminded me a little of Heart’s Alone… only, Paramore gives it a whole different happy-accident vibe!

17. Future

The rhythmic yet mellow instrumentals take the center stage as William’s voice soothes you into looking beyond the “Now”. And then, unexpectedly, the instrumentals explode into an abyss of energy and magnificence! I cannot do justice to how this part of the song overwhelms you; almost swallows you in whole and leaves you a tiny bit more appreciative of the things to come.

Final thoughts:Paramore, in their fourth self-titled album, have displayed clear musical growth since the days of Misery Business, one of their first singles I listened to and Decode. It’s definitely not just about Williams’ vocals here. The instrumentation blows you away at most points… especially with the solo in Future! While sticking to the theme of growing up, the band experiments with a lot of different sounds and leaves behind some of the most intense and earnest tracks they’ve ever made!

Picks of the album: Future, Still Into You, Now, Hate to See Your Heart Break, Fast in My Car

Overall ★★★★★★★★☆☆