Artist: Lana Del Rey

Genre: Baroque pop, indie pop, alternative

Label: Interscope, Polydor, Stranger

Lyrics: Lana Del Ray, Justin Parker, Rick Nowels


Lana Del Rey’s third extended album, Paradise, the critics say has got the surrealistic appeal, much like her debut album, Kill Kill. This album is known to have made her quite the sensation. Is the sensation and hype on par with its performance? Let’s find out.

Track Name Rating
Ride ★★★½☆
American ★★★☆☆
Cola ★★☆☆☆
Body Electric ★½☆☆☆
Blue Velvet ★★★☆☆
Gods & Monsters ★★★½☆
Yayo ★★½☆☆
Bel Air ★★★☆☆


Album Analysis :


Eeriness prevails all through the song. The genre of the song is hard to figure out, it transcends at various levels, giving the song a unique country pop lilt. As much as the lyrics make an amazing combo with the music, the spoken introduction and ending sure needs a commendable mention.


A very mediocre composition at that but all the elements make the song every bit versatile. The song does make you swoon to the unknown, strange American in the song. Although, the song gets a little bit monotonous towards in the end with the repetition in the rhythm and lyrics.


Really, what is with the beginning? A very bizarre and horrendous way to start off a song, the song continues to disappoint you until the end. Lana Del Rey and versatility are just off the map in this one. A complete waste of effort, this one.

4.Body Electric

The song is nothing but crooning the names of the legends, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and et al. Another major disappointment, in fact the previous one comes across as way better than this one, considering this track was the one to watch out for in the album.

5.Blue Velvet

The track’s a saviour, given the 2 major disappointments that two previous songs are. The composition’s pretty commendable, so are the lyrics but the voice is as dull as ever. Could have been better.

6.Gods and Monsters

It takes a while to understand the kind of music Lana Del Rey has to offer, and definitely a lot of effort to appreciate it. But once, you do , you’re surely gonna like it. This track is one of those, beautiful composition, though the lyrics could have been a little more on the sensible side.


Like said earlier, it sure is difficult to understand the pulse of this singer. The song sure speaks issues that are plaguing the artist since ages, but the way she has decided to project them is not quite impressive. The song is a drag all through, but gets enjoyable towards the end.

8.Bel Air

Though the drag, that is feature of the songs in the album, surfaces time and again, the track is not half bad, the lyrics are surprisingly well written. A decent attempt, given the tragedies that the previous tracks have been.

Paradise (EP). Why have an extension, when it’s nothing but a drag and miserable attempt to mimic the original? Expectations can sometimes damn you and the talent in you. This album is clearly serves as an example to that.

Picks from the album: Ride, American, Bel Air

Album ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆