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Ganesh Venkatraman, Shobana Shankar and Kalpana Pandit.

Music: Agnel Roman and Faizan Hussain

Producer: Dreams on frames ( Natti kumar)

Director: Natti Kumar and Dr Jay

Panithuli is said to be a romantic thriller having an unusual screenplay with an element of suspense in the end. The breath taking visuals and Ganesh’s performance are expected to be the two outstanding aspects. The film in simple is the modern day take on Romance. This is also a bilingual film (Tamil and Hindi) .Coming to the music department Agnel and Faizan Hussain are the debutant music directors to Kollywood who are previously known from their Bollywood movie Rajini MMS. Now it’s time to check out their music talent in Panithuli.

Song Singers Rating
Azhagu Ratchasa Vinaitha Sivakumar ★★☆☆☆
Kalakku Pragathi guruprasad ★★★☆☆
Kan Parpathu Srinivas ★★½☆☆
Oru Pudhu Vaanam Jayadev ★★★☆☆
Pasiya Thookama Savi suresh and Naresh Iyer ★★☆☆☆
Uyirin Uravae Surmukhi and Jayadev ★★☆☆☆

Song: Azahgu Ratchasa
Singers: Vinaitha Sivakumar
Lyrics: Ashok Subramaniam

Oh my goodness!! With the pleasant and feel good title “Panithuli” One would have expected a good melody or a peppy 1st song in the album. But breaking it Azahgu Ratchasa sounds like a sensuous number creating vibes in one’s mind. The lyrics are also sensuous and the voice of vinaitha is too romantic and juicy. The lyrics are too spicy and sensuous like “baby hold me, touch me, love me”. Finally this is not a good song to hear as lyrics, music, beats and tune all fail to hook the attention. You can forward it happilyJ!

Song: Kallakku
Singer: Pragthi Guruprasad
Lyrics: Dr Jay

“Kallakku ……………………oooooooooo hoooooo” surely gives us a Jhalak as it is a complete contrast to the first song. The song is fast, pace full, noisy yet there is some wow factor! This song is neither a duet nor an intro song but it is surely an enjoyable number. It has some classical lyrics here and there which give us a fusion experience. The co-director himself has rendered the lyrics but there is nothing much to mention as music takes us all the way! This is a song, which is a mixture of rock and classical beats.

Song: Kan parpathu
Singers: Srinivas
Lyrics: Thendral Ramkumar

Here comes a melody number, It’s good to listen with more of voice clarity and less of music. It sounds like a sad song. But still it lacks the ear catching factor. Though it is a good slow song but it does not make you feel to listen it again and again. This song is a good melody number but not a great number. Singer’s voice of the songs also lacks some feel in it as it could have been far better. This song recommends situational context and lyrics are apt to it.

Song: Oru pudhu vaanam
Singer: Thendral Ramkumar

The song has a catchy ditty and an agreeable melody with western touch and soft lyrics. But there is some mismatching in the song as the voice fails to blend with the music. But the “paravashame……..” humming in the middle is catchy and hummable.  This is a good peppy number with some good melody. The well-known Singer “Karthik” could have been a best choice to the genre of song like this. On the whole it’s splendid and the rhythm takes with you through it. Better choice of vocalist would have taken this song to the top.

Song: Pasiya thookama
Singers: Savi suresh and Naresh Iyer
Lyrics: Nawin Seetharaman

Nothing special but different instrumentations are used. The song is noisy. The female voice is erotic at many parts. Nawin Seetharaman has some Spanish words thrown in. Some lyrics like “Sanorita” and some Spanish words are catchy yet the song completely fails to attract as it is non-rhythmic, noisy and fishy. But the visuals after the release may raise the value of this song.

Song: Uyirin urave
Singers: Surmukhi and Jayadev
Lyrics: Thendral Ramkumar

“Uyirin urave” is also another routine number nothing special to mention. The beats are ok and ordinary. Vocalists have nothing to mention and had done their job according to the music. The humming of “Uyirin urave” reminds many oldies. On the whole this is a normal, routine and decent song. This is the last song of the album with typical normal music and beats and this song can be skipped.


Album ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆

The debutant music directors have completely missed the nativity in every song. Every song lacks something and nothing marks indelibly. The melody supposed to play a key role is a big let down to the album. Though vocalists are good, the musicians’ selectivity to the songs is mismatching and none of them touch the music lovers with their voice. The first song is too sensuous and that is not the real touch that one awaits from an album. Overall the album is not up to the mark. It would have been far good and better if they had considered the nativity factor.  Though 2 songs are good but still there are very less chances to become the chartbusters. This is not an impressive debut; the visuals must support the music and make it a decent album. It is interesting to see that how Hindi audience accept this album.

Pics of the album: Kallaku and Oru padu vaanam

Final verdict: Cool and softness in title but not in music!

This review is a post by Sirisha Akshintala