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Album : Overexposed

Band : Maroon 5

Maroon 5 managed to make the entire world ‘move like a Jagger’ last year and this year they are back with their fourth studio album ‘Overexposed’ which released on June 26th 2012. This American pop-rock band made people rave over their music and the girls are head over heels in love with Adam Levine. You really got to appreciate this guy for his charming and gorgeous voice which can make you feel morose if you listen to songs like ‘She will be loved’, ‘Won’t go home without you’ and at the same time can get you dancing when you listen to songs like ‘Makes me wonder’, ‘Moves like Jagger’ etc. The band, after winning the Grammy award for the best new artist in 2005 they continued to rule the charts and also managed to win the People’s choice award, as the favorite band in the year 2012.

According to the band, Overexposed is supposedly their ‘Poppiest album’ till date, lets see whether this 43 minute long album affirms this statement –

Song name Rating
One more night ★★★☆☆
Payphone feat Wiz Kalifa ★★★½☆
Daylight ★★★★☆
Lucky strike ★★★★☆
The man who never lied ★★★☆☆
Love somebody ★★★★☆
Lady killer ★★★½☆
Fortune teller ★★★☆☆
Sad ★★★☆☆
Tickets ★★★☆☆
Doin’ dirt ★★★★☆
Beautiful goodbye ★★★☆☆

 Song name : One more night

Remember those old classic pop music? If not, this song will remind you of it. Unfortunately Adam’s voice sounds quite annoying, but thanks to the music which has good beats, you can survive listening to the entire track.

 Song name : Payphone

This one will remind you ‘Won’t go home without you’, just that this track is comparatively light and cheery. Rapper Wiz Kalifa is someone to watch out for in this song, Adam sounds whiny but never the less you will like this track if you’ve enjoyed listening to the other love songs by this band.

 Song name : Daylight

A track which is co-produced by Levine, this one will take you on a journey which you would like to try again and again. The wordings are heavy but, that is what makes this song different and heart warming. It’s something new by the band, hence you should listen to this.

 Song name : Lucky strike

And the band is back with their guitars which were missing in the previous 3 tracks. This song is extremely chirpy and bubbling with energy, it will surely make you shake a leg or two. If you’re feeling tired, this song can renew your energy.

 Song name : The man who never lied

A love song again, but in a different angle. Music is loud with heavy guitaring and wordings can keep you going through the entire song, but it’s not one of the best works of Maroon 5.

 Song name : Love somebody

Love somebody is truly a pop songs in all the perspectives. One of the best tracks in the album which manages to capture your mind and heart as the music sounds so gleeful. Adam’s voice is at it’s best in this one.

 Song name : Lady killer

It’s a smooth and a easy going kind of track to listen to even though the lyrics are about relationships and heart breaks. Adam Levine sounds extremely girly more than he should in certain parts of the track, other than that track is a quite fun to listen to.

 Song name : Fortune teller

After such delightful and light hearted songs, this one comes out to be very serious. It tries very hard to sound nice but expect in the chorus part the song is quite palpable and displeasing.

 Song name : Sad

Piano being the main musical instrument used in this track doesn’t really work for this band. As the name of the song says it the track is morbid, do not listen to this one unless you are already sad and want to get more depressed. A one time listen and nothing more.

 Song name : Tickets

 Tickets, is an up-tempo track something you would enjoy listening to while you are going for a long drive. This song sounds a lot like Lady Gaga’s song ‘Telephone’. You can’t help but think of Lady Gaga as you listen to Adam’s vocals in this track.

 Song name : Doin’ dirt

Finally a track which you would actually enjoy dancing on! The music is very similar to 70’s-80’s club music. Funnily enough it even reminds you of those old Bollywood disco songs. This one is filled with vigor, it’s up beat and it’s those hip and happening kind of songs. Good work on this one.

Song name : Beautiful goodbye

 A pleasant and happy ending to the album. It’s not one of those song you would immediately like but if you like John Mayer you would like this song because the track sounds a lot like the song ‘You’re body is a wonderland’ by John Mayer. Soft and sulky tune accompanied with bitter sweet wordings, gives this album a unique touch which can’t be seen in any of their previous albums.

Overall ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 

Overall verdict : ‘Overexposed’ is not one of Maroon 5 poppiest album as they claimed it to be and neither it is one of their best works but it’s definitely a good effort when it comes to trying out something new and different. Most of the tracks are perfect to listen to on a lazy Sunday afternoon, Love somebody, Lucky strike and Doin’ dirt are the tracks which will pump you up. As said earlier none of these tracks will make you spin around like ‘Moves like Jagger’ did, but the album is worth listening to.