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Track : One of Those Nights

Artist : Tim McGraw


This one is actually one of those cowboy songs perfect to create the setting around a bonfire, near a ranch, at twilight or at night. Smooth, elegant and melodious.Perfect for that dream vacation at a Texas ranch. Unlike ‘Truck Yeah’, which took on a powerful road one wouldn’t expect from a cowboy song on sudden thought, this one goes a softer mile, keeping the ‘feel’ all along.

The lyrics, when they begin, somehow start to remind you of Eric Clapton’s ‘Wonderful Tonight’, but that hunch is soon taken away, when McGraw brings in his proper cowboy accent and takes the song through an entirely different zone. The ambience is heightened by the slow, but elaborated guitar work, characteristic of most cowboy tracks. The beats also present a magnificent support to the guitar and vocals, without which the track wouldn’t have been this effective. The particular guitar piece which is played in the beginning, and repeats after ‘One of those nights’ in the lyrics might be the most delightful part of the song, and is the biggest factor in the track which grips you to it.

The track might feel a bit monotonous a little in, but that does not stop you from enjoying every single bit of it. That nostalgic feeling does strike you throughout the song and you really do wish for such a night to actually occur. The track is great – great to listen, great to sing, great to enjoy and great to remember.

Verdict : Calm, smooth, good

Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆