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Artist: Zach Berkman

Genre: Country

Lyrics: Zach Berkman

The song is a hope raiser, an attempt at being the ray of hope when you’re absolutely lost and missed859709285320_cover.170x170-75 all your chances. This one has some laid back acoustics and chilled vocals, nothing prominent about them but the song as a whole has a greater appeal.

The song starts on a not very great note, but you might get deceived by that, ‘cause you once you concentrate the lyrics have to say, the song stays with you for quite a while. Light, mellow, the beats very lento and laid back. Now, this is one song that someone would not on a very first listen but there’s something uncanny about it that you like it when you listen to it over and over. Such kinds of songs need special mention, nonetheless.

The artist maintains the tranquillity of the song throughout and manages to balance the subtle charm throughout, all thanks to the lyrics that does wonders to the song. Although the song might be a delight in its in own ways, something that would serve as a hindrance to its notability will the lack the ‘X’ factor that makes any track worth listening to. The track kind of loses its sheen towards the ending owing to its monotony. Though, the consistency in the rhythm might be an add-on but the fact that the consistency has gone overboard kills the joy at a certain level.

Overall, not a bad attempt at all. You’ll like it if the genre is preferred to any other.

Album verdict: Listen to it more than just one and you wouldn’t complain.

Album ★★★★★★½☆☆☆