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‘Yourself or someone like you’ is still the most popular album till date. The band who shot to international fame with this album are back with their release of their fourth one named ‘North’. Matchbox Twenty, an American pop rock band was formed in the year 1995 and their 3 previous albums have never disappointed the audience. The lead singer being Rob Thomas and amazing guitarists such as Kyle Crook and Brian Yale, this band has been on an impressive roll.

Their fourth studio album was released on September 4th 2012 and debuted at the number one spot on the Billboard 200. Lets have a look at how the album fares on the whole.

Song name




She’s so mean




Put your hands up


Our song


I will


English Town


How long


Radio ★★★★☆
The way ★★★☆☆
Like sugar ★★★½☆
Sleeping at the wheel



1. Parade -:

You will love this song. The vocals and the music blend so perfectly with each other that you will find it hard to go beyond this track as you would want to listen to this again and again.

As the song goes

‘And the days are all the same..And the town so big and no one knows your name..And the people fade away..And all stars are just a flicker..And you’re left there all alone’,

somehow you can relate to this someway or the other and the rock music accompanying is more than enough to lose yourself completely in the song.


2. She’s so mean -:

This was the first single from this album which was released earlier in June of this year. A spicy and juicy track in terms of the wordings which describes this girl who does everything her way and yet the guy couldn’t let go of her. We have witnessed this situation countless number of times hence when you listen to this song you can’t help but smile. A great start to the album.


3. Overjoyed -:

A mellow track with romantic wordings which can melt your heart. The chorus is the best part where in the vocals peak and the morbid music makes the track sound very soothing to the ears.


4. Put your hands up -:

Somehow you’ll always prefer this band singing joyful songs and you’ll be glad when this track starts. This one will lift your spirits and mood up because the music is that rejuvenating. Also, Rob’s voice sounds so very energetic that it will surely cheer you up if you’re feeling low.


5. Our song -:

How often have you told your partner or friend after listening to a track that it’s ‘our song’ because the song describes your relationship with another person perfectly well. This is another such song where in you can’t stop thinking about how well you can relate to it. A fast paced track which you will enjoy listening to anytime anywhere. The music is very catchy so you might get addicted to this one!


6. I will -:

The track traces a love story of a couple so beautifully that might get you into a sad dreamy mood. The slow pace of this track just makes it even more sorrowful yet so mesmerizing. With powerful lyrics and vocals you will love every bit of this song. This is truly one of the best songs in the album.


7. English Town -:

What’s the best part of this track? It is the music! The track starts slow but catches up speed and even though the song talks about certain depressing events and aspects the music brings in so much of life to this song.


8. How long -:

It’s a 3 minute song which starts off with a very country music and you get to see the band in a complete new light in terms of their song composition. The music holds you on especially in the chorus part and the vocals just keep getting better.


9. Radio -:

This track is very retro like with the music and vocals being rock and roll types. Never the less it is quite refreshing, something you will love to dance on. This one is a must listen because it’s a completely different track from what the band usually makes and they have done a very admirable job out of it.


10. The way -:

The track is a gloomy one but the tune manages to make it sound light and very pleasing to listen to. It is one of the usual tracks by the band but it’s worth listening to.


11. Like sugar -:

‘I just want to make you go away..But you taste like sugar..Yeah you taste like sugar’,  these lines from the track will refuse to get out of your head once you listen to this song especially because of the way it is sung. Again the music of this track is very impressive.


12. Sleeping at the wheel -:

There couldn’t be a better ending to this album. This soft and mellow track gently traces a story. What the story is about, for that you have to listen to the track because it’s totally worth it.


Overall ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Verdict : This album portrays Matchbox Twenty at its best! Not a single bad track in the album, everything is so perfect about it. The songs are well written the music is composed excellently and the vocals are at its best like always. What more can one ask for! There won’t be any surprises if this album continues to remain at the number one spot on various charts for a long time. ‘I will’, ‘Parade’ and ‘She’s so mean’ are the best tracks in the album which you can’t stop listening to. Tracks like Radio bring in a completely different feel to the album which makes it more enjoyable to listen to. The songs in the album are definitely here to stay!