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Band Name : The Chorderoys

Album : No Man’s Land 

Song Singers Rating
The Train Gregg and Jon Denn, Andrew Simmons ★★★★☆
Docile Girl Gregg and Jon Denn, Andrew Simmons ★★★½☆
High Horse Gregg and Jon Denn, Andrew Simmons ★★★½☆
No Prayin Man Gregg and Jon Denn, Andrew Simmons ★★★★☆

 1. The Train

A nostalgic track that signifies the transitions we all go through in life and encompasses everything that this album represents.

2.  Docile Girl 

This is a beautiful ballad that starts off the cd, with a story to tell. As the title suggests, Docile Girl walks in the footsteps of a young woman who grasps at love but cannot be in its reach.  There is an unwavering message of hope that lingers towards the end of the track that makes the listener fully empathize with the lyrics.

3.  High Horse 

This was quite a sentimental track that sends out an inspiring message to others about releasing the burden of the saying “no man is an island” and replacing it with the desire to grow together in this world. It is a  cross between a rock and country style of sounds can’t help but make you tap your foot along with the beats.

4.  No Prayin Man 

With an indie rock sound and a little bit of western twang, there’s a perfect blend of musical appeal that is felt in this track. If you add in the lyrical work, it makes this song incredibly honest and real; exactly what The Chorderoys are all about.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Nothing can really prepare you when you get a hold of this album. It’s a must-listen from start to finish. The Chorderoys fuse a variety of sound and style into their music that is full of amazement and delight.

Visit The Chorderoys website at: http://www.thechorderoys.com  and for media inquires: www.gritpr.com