Music Artist : Willie Ames

Music Album : Night Owl

Record Label: Self-Released

Song Singers/Perfomers Rating
Human Race Willie Ames ★★★★☆
Night Owl Willie Ames ★★★★☆
Walk in the Park Willie Ames ★★★½☆
Neanderthal Willie Ames ★★★★☆
Feelings Willie Ames ★★★½☆
Black Widow Willie Ames ★★★★☆
Desert Run Willie Ames ★★★★☆
Dance With You Willie Ames ★★★½☆
Stumbling Home Willie Ames ★★★☆☆
Never Going   Back Again Willie Ames ★★★☆☆
Thank You Willie Ames ★★★½☆

 1. Human Race

Very witty songwriting and lyrical prowess, “Human Race” is the kind of song that stops you in your tracks and makes you think, more in a motivational way than a heavy one. This track is on par with great songwriters like Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Woody Guthrie and David Byrne. Folk with a funky snap to it, and a strong message to boot.

 2. Night Owl

 This track could very well be the standout on the disc, sounding like a merger between Neil Young and Hank Williams. A brilliant folk-rock track that should earn Willie some attention.

 3. Walk in the Park

 Showing off his one-of-a-kind guitar fingerpicking style, Willie Ames delivers this great companion for a stroll through the woods. Emotional but restrained.

 4. Neanderthal

 Banjo appears on this track along with some catchy bass and drums. Sonically it’s somewhat similar to “Night Owl”, and the tale is a sad one, yet hopeful. Lyrically Willie tackles the search for meaning in human existence.

 5. Feelings

 A more lighthearted, but still incredibly beautiful offering. More good advice from a wise source, with stunning guitar work to back up the lead vocal.

 6. Black Widow

 This track was written within 10 minutes of Willie taking up the banjo, and it’s a very satisfying track that takes the listener on a dark journey. It would be interested to hear a full release of this type of work.

 7. Desert Run

 One of Willie’s most popular tracks, and definitely a standout. His storytelling skills are at their best here as he imagines what it would be like to get lost in the desert. Musically, this sounds like classic Fleetwood Mac or Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Americana and folk rock.

 8. Dance With You

 A pretty love song balances out some of the other dark tales on the album. The waltz rhythm gives it a devotional feel.

 9. Stumbling Home

 Playful and whimsical banjo track, although it would be good to hear some vocals accompanying it. This track feels unfinished.

 10. Never Going Back Again

 Willie tries falsetto in this track with mixed results, although the arrangements are engaging.

 11. Thank You   

 A letter to friends that is easily relate-able. A pleasant closer.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

From Los Angeles, California, Willie Ames is a young folk/acoustic singer songwriter who comes across as quite the old soul on his newest release “Night Owl”, and there are more than a few hints of brilliance in songs such as “Desert Run”, “Human Race” and “Black Widow”. Much of the lyrics focus on real life concerns such as relationship, and on a deeper level, finding meaning within human life. Willie delves into these themes with class and wisdom. The musicianship is absolutely amazing throughout. This is true folk music that no doubt will gain him followers outside the U.S.A.

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