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Cast : Siddharth,Ashrita Shetty,Kay Kay Menon,Kishore,Deepak

Music : GV Prakash Kumar

Story : Vetrimaaran

Editing : Kishore Te.

Cinematography : Velraj

Screenplay : Vetrimaaran

Direction : Manimaran


Siddharth’s movies always have a good soundtrack to boast (180,Oh My Friend,Striker,Ayudha Ezhuthu,Bommarillu,Oy,Aata & many more).This is the first time GV Prakash is donning the music director’s hat for a Siddharth film & we can expect some chartbusters from this album.GV Prakash,fresh from the critical acclaim he has been receiving for his recent projects like ‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum’,’Paradesi’,etc is all set to surprise us with this latest album from this movie which also has Vetrimaaran (Polladhavan,Aadukalam) wielding the writing department.Saindhavi who has sung innumerable melodies for GV (Manasellam Mazhaiye,Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil,Pirai Thedum) is back once again.

        Track Name     Singers    Rating
Neevevvaro Siddharth,Saindhavi ★★★★☆
Vorakannultho Jai Srinivas ★★★★☆
Neelaksham SP Charan,Pooja ★★★★½
Nedika Manaku Rahul Nambiyar,Ramya NSK ★★★☆☆
Raa Rathirinne GV Prakash Kumar,Ajmal Khan,Amrith Vishwanath ★★★☆☆


Album Analysis


Singers : Siddharth,Saindhavi

This song is a slow,neatly placed duet with both the lead singers etching out a nice rendition.This could well work if this song is shot as a montage.There are no hard percussion instruments jarring the lyrics much to the relief of listeners.The interludes deserve a mention.There is a little trace of auto-tuning in this but it doesn’t disturb the song in any way.A blissful ride !



Singers : Jai Srinivas

Catchy at first glance ! “Vorakannultho” used extensively in the promos has been grabbing eyeballs ever since it was telecasted.This song is of the ‘gaana’ genre & GV has attempted something unique.This song has all the ingredients to be the next youth anthem.Jai Srinivas eases through the lines effortlessly.Watch out !



Singers : SP Charan,Pooja

Probably the best song we might hear this year ! “Neelaksham” is a blissful,slow,romantic duet which has the old-age charm to it.The candy floss romantic tune sticks with the listeners. SP Charan does everything right & evokes SPB memories.Pooja does well too.This song is very simple in its approach yet this is the one which works the maximum.Double thumbs up !


Nedika Manaku

Singers : Rahul Nambiyar,Ramya NSK

“Nedika Manaku” is a typical lyric-driven song.The lyric writer is in full form & blazes with his lyrics.The song however falls flat due to the domination of the tune by loud,jarring instrumentation.The lead singers have done a good job with their rendition but the spark is clearly missing in this song.This song,in all probabilities won’t feature entirely in the movie & will be seen as a montage.So,its all upto the visuals now.


Raa Rathirinne

Singers : GV Prakash Kumar,Ajmal Khan,Amrith Vishwanath

The techno’s are back ! “Raa Rathirinne” is a completely techno-ish,club number fully loaded with synthesizers,mixers & fillers.The vocals somewhere get lost in the heavy instrumentation.This song didn’t get me going in the first instance but this started appealing after multiple listening.So,give it a try !

Overall,Siddharth & GV have got another winner here & GV proves one more time that he is as good as anyone when it comes to delivering melodies.

Picks : Neevevvaro,Neelakasham,Vorakannultho

Verdict : The melodies work & propel the album !

Musicperk Rating : ★★★★★★★½☆☆