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There’s always a buzz surrounding a Raja album. This time even more so owing to the fact that he’s teaming up with Gautham Menon, who is historically known to have great taste in music.  So its intriguing what he could extract from The Maestro. The promos have been very promising. Lets check out how the songs have fared.

Song Artists Rating
Saaindhu Saaindhu Yuvan Shankar Raja, Ramya NSK ★★★½☆
Kaatrai Konjam Karthik ★★★★☆
Mudhal Murai Sunidhi Chauhan ★★★★½
Vaanam Mella Ilayaraja, Bela Shende ★★★½☆
Pudikala Mamu Suraj Jagan, Karthik ★★★★½
Ennodu Vava Karthik ★★★★☆
Pengal Endral Yuvan Shankar Raja ★★★☆☆
Sattru Munbu Ramya NSK ★★★★½




1. Saaindhu Saaindhu:

This is a simple melody with delicate instrumentation. A guitar strumming forms the base of the tune. It is Instantly likeable. The song’s effectiveness could have been further been accentuated had it not been sung by Yuvan. He sounds quirky and unstable at places.  Ramya NSK has done a great job. 

2. Mudhal Murai:

Daddy’s back! Great  orchestration. The string and brass layers are interwoven beautifully. They build up some sort of tension and anguish. And when the song reaches a crescendo and breaks into choired “Neethane En Ponvasantham” phrase , I felt  goosebumps. The first interlude is dominated by a violin piece which flows through a tortuous path and segues back into the main melody. Sunidhi breathes life into this classic composition. Impressive.

 3. Vaanam Mella:

Starts off with harmonized choral vocals.  Again, great live orchestration. The interludes could form a melody of their own. Raja plays to his strength, i.e  orchestration. Typical IR number though. Has an old school feel to it. Good but feels slightly outdated.

4. Kaatrai Konjam:

The prelude is awesome with harmonized vocals. The lyrics me reminded me of a yesteryear Raja classic “Idhu oru ponmalai pozhudu’. But this is such a pure melody. Karthik just glides through this song with consummate ease. The chord progressions are great with a mix of jazz elements.

5. Pudikala Mamu:

Romba pudichirukku maamu! Wow.. This is fresh. The song starts off with a guitar solo with power chords. The song is so peppy. Peppy, Ilayaraja style. That is, inspite of being such a fun song, it does not compromise on the musicality. Special word has to be put in for the mixing. Top notch stuff. Starts off as  some kind of Tamil rock number then takes the folk route. Filled with naughtiness, this one is sure to rule the hearts of teenagers and the youth. The tempo, mood-change midway through the song is inventive. Wild and Delightful, really. Suraj Jagan and Karthik have scorched this one. Hats off Maestro.  My pick.

6. Ennodu Vava:

First when the promos came out, I was not impressed with this one. The tune had an 80-ish feel . Now after listening to the full song, I’m very impressed but this still is a typical 80’s melody. Karthik’s mellow vocals sound great. Orchestration meets synth in this grand new-age Raja melody which still retains that old earthiness. Beautiful melody.

 7. Pengal Endral:

A song with a lot of angst. The tune itself is kind of haunting and oozes tension and anger. The drums and guitars keep pounding with a furious energy indicating the underlying mood of the song. But it doesnt work for me.

 8. Sattru Munbu:

Haunting. Beautiful composition and very beautifully rendered. The symphonic interlude pieces are just magic. Extensively layered with string and brass, and so intricately arranged, that it reflects the genius of the man. As one string layer after another unfurls, we are just left dumstruck. Takes a genius to concieve a song like this. This is heaviest song in the album. An orchestral feast.

 Album Verdict:  A great musical from Raja after a long time. All hail the Maestro.

 Album Rating : ★★★★★★★★½☆