Music Album Name : Neeku Naaku Dash Dash

Director: Teja

Music Director: Yashwanth Nag

 I just read that Director Teja is planning to delete the dashes in the title and make it more romantic sounding. But I will still stick with the original name.

Song Name




Boy Boy




Nuvve Nenanana

Yashwanth Nag



Chekumuki Vadana





Naresh Iyer,Chinmayi







Parugu Parugu

Yashwanth Nag,Balu



Dash Dash

Yashwanth Nag,Kalpana



Praanam ani Thalachi

Yashwanth Nag



1. Boy Boy

This one is for the youth and sets the pace at the very start. The lyric speaks of the teenage and the experiences during teenage that I am sure every one of us would have tasted. The voices are energetic and tend to represent the teenagers. The tune is everything but monotonic and it is peppy too. The guitar work introduced just at the right places and with the right dosage. The song also is a fusion of carnatic music in the voices and western background score. The voices alternate between traditional singing and western pop-like singing which is a nice try by Yashwanth. Even if it would have been a minute more, we would have gotten bored with it. The song ends just at the right time. But the lyrics do get repetitive towards the end.

2. Nuvve Nenanana

The song picks off melodiously with a piano and violins in the background. The voice of Yashwanth has depth and suits a melody song like bread and cheese. This one is a slow relaxable number and the percussion is steady. Yashwanth displays nice variations varying his pace and pitch beautifully so as to induce interest. It is indeed tough to garner interest for a slow number like this but credit goes to Yashwanth and the piano for the job well done. The slower a song shorter should it be. I guess Yashwanth has understood it very well and has kept it to three and half minutes only. It would have lost its sheen had it stretched post four minutes. One would have expected more variety in the tune, the instrumentals,probably a bit of guitar and more violins, so that listeners are attracted enough to listen to it more than once.

3. Chekumuki Vadana

A piano start to a peppy song is not so familiar but this one does it. This one would surely appeal to the youth with its different background vocals. The guitar work makes you play that imaginary guitar in your hand. The fusion of piano with some electronics is once again a new one and works off brilliantly. The lead voices blend well and complement each other’s voices. The guitar work is strewn with depth. The song is in no hurry and the pace is steady. The lyrics are again youth centric with some love and romantic put in. The magic is in the fast pace at which the singers sing the song and that itself makes you tap your fingers, nod your head and groove. You are sure to hum to this one.

4. Neekopam

A Guitar start and then the mouth organ joins in. This one spells melody. The flute comes in at just the right time in the song and the song has violins too for your entertainment. The song is a cool breeze and listen to it to just forget everything and enjoy. The percussion is not heavy and complements the lead voice beautifully. The flute and the violins give you a nice ride in traditional music which is enjoyable. Naresh Iyer fits the bill for this song perfectly and Chinmayi’s voice only serves as a topping on the cake. The music director literally juggles with the various instruments available to him and all come in at just the right time with none of them sounding odd in your ears. The piano, the violins and the flute are predominant and compete for the listener’s attention with the lead voices. The variety is introduced by the instrumentals making up for a very interesting background score with lots of classical music flavours in it. I bet you will listen to it more than once.

5. Aapakura

The start has some traditional percussion blended with light piano. The trumpet serves to add more attraction to the song. The lead voices display energy and are pumped up and deliver the goods well. The variation in their voices is good. There is ample variation in the pace and the instrumentals. Although the pace of the background score is slowish, the lead voices sing at a faster pace making it seem like not such a slow number. They also vary their pace of singing alternating nicely. One would have expected more variation in the pace of the background score so as to add more spice. The monotonic pace of the background score might have put off the listeners if not for the outstanding work by the lead voices. The guitar work is just right dose and does a clean job of upholding the song’s beauty. The piano accompanies the song from start to finish and adds to the melodious touch.

6. Parugu Parugu

The song dives in straight away into the lyrics without any preamble b way of instrumentals. It slowly and gradually picks up pace and energy. One can only recall the players saying “Kabaddi” repetitively in a game of kabaddi when you hear the words Parugu at the start of the song. The percussion is fast paced and adds to the pace of the song. The voices display energy and the monotonic voice adds to the energy of the song. The tone is serious to say the least. The violins are heavy and fast. It would surely pump you up and get you roaring to go. This one stands out as something different. The background vocals are the attention seekers here. Listeners would surely find it a tough task to discern the words in the lyrics with the fast pace at which the song is sung. The song just avoids boredom by curtailing itself to less than three minutes. This is sure to remain in your hearts and minds long after you have listened to it. There is not much variety by way of lyrics here.

7. Dash Dash

This seems like a gaana song. The voice of kalpana is different. This song would make you sing along. The lyrics have more dashes than even the fill in the blanks in my school days. The lyrics are sure to grab you. The background vocals are peppy and catchy yet simple. The tone is humorous. The percussion is traditional and varies its pace artistically. The song has some very interesting dialogues in the middle that you drag your ears to. The song is peppy. The tune gets repetitive and if not for the humorous and attention seeking words in it, the song would surely have lost some of its sheen. This one is must listen. Kudos to Anand for penning a wonderful song for us. Credit to Yashwanth for finding some different unconventional voices for this song.

8. Praanam ani Thalachi

A slow song. The mood is sad. People who hate slow songs would hit the next button within 15 seconds of listening to this song. Yashwanth could have made someone else sing this song. His voice comes across as too harsh for this song. The violins add to the entertainment. Yashwanth’s voice doesn’t gel well with the tone and the tune of the song as also its pace. The only respite here seems to be the violins that make you bear this song to the end.

Album ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

Verdict: There are songs here that you wouldn’t have heard before. The lyrics are great. So, go for it  and get the album.

Yashwanth Nag does a neat and clean job except some dark patches here and there. His choice of singers for almost all the songs is good except for the last one. A perfect album for the masses but it appeals more to the youth. It has slow as well as fast songs. Songs like Boy boy, Aapakura and dash dash are a show of Yashwanth’s creative intelligence.  Yashwanth has moved from the conventional music and tried something different in these songs as well as in Parugu. The lyrics are one department that stands out and takes a bow from everyone for most songs. Anand and Sai have definitely tried something new and different and deserve accololades. Yashwanth has tried to use the piano differently in this album and he succeeds in his efforts. He has stayed away from active use of guitar which is so common in other albums these days. He has also tried to fuse traditional instruments and western instruments and in some cases, classical voices with western instrumentals and that creates magic like none heard before. Naresh Iyer does a nice job with the lightness in his voice and Kalpana with her depth and energy in the voice. These are the voices that stand out and receive the ovation of the listeners. An album you won’t regret listening to except that one song. So go ahead and enjoy this musical cuisine.