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Movie Album : Nautanki Saala

Director : Rohan Sippy

Producer : Bhushan Kumar, Krishna Kumar, Ramesh Sippy and Roopa De Choudhury

Music Director : Falak Shabir, Mikey McCleary, Rashid Khan and others

Singers : Falak Shabir, Ayushman Khurrana, Neeti Mohan, Saba Azad, Geet Sagar, Bruno Carvalo, Santosh Sawant, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Nitin Mukesh and Tulsi Kumar

Come April 12th and you can watch one of the most awaited movies of this month – Nautanki Saala. A romantic comedy film directed by Rohan Sippy has Ayushmann Khurrana playing the lead. This is something girls have surely have to look forward to! Along with him Kunal Roy Kapur, Pooja Salvi and Evelyn Sharma are also playing the lead roles.

The poster of the movie seems quite hilarious and enough to attract the audience to come and watch the movie. The music album has 13 songs running up to 50 minutes. Let’s have a look at how these songs fare –


Song Name Singer Rating
Mera Mann Kehne Laga Falak Shabir ★★★★☆
Sadi Gali Aaja Ayushmann Khurrana and Neeti Mohan ★★★★☆
Dhak Dhak Saba Azad, Geet Sagar, Bruno Carvalo and Santosh Sawant ★★☆☆☆
Tu Hi Tu Ayushmann Khurrana ★★★☆☆
Dramebaaz Geet Sagar ★★★½☆
Sapna Mera Toota Rahet Fateh Ali Khan ★★★½☆
Dil Ki Toh Lag Gayi Saba Azad ★★★☆☆
So Gaya Yeh Jahan Nitin Mukesh ★★½☆☆
Mera Mann Kehna Laga (Reprise) Falak Shabir ★★★★☆
Sadi Galli Aaja (Unplugged) Ayushmann Khurrana ★★★☆☆
Mera Mann Kehna Laga (Female) Tulsi Kumar ★★★★☆
Sadi Galli Aaja (Remix) Ayushmann Khurrana and Neeti Mohan ★★★☆☆
Mera Mann Kehne Laga (Remix) Falak Shabir ★★★½☆

1. Mera Mann Kehne Laga

This one is a five minute long song which has some soft chirpy and happy beats. It’s one of those songs which you would like to listen to again and again. Falak Shabir has done complete justice to this song and the music towards the chorus part is the best part. In all it’s a song that can make you smile, a thumbs up for this one!

2. Sadi Galli Aaja

In the recent times it’s very rare that you find an actor who can actually act and entertain the audience and has a voice to die for. Ayushmann Khurrana’s vocals in this song is the only

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thing you will pay attention to. The music is upbeat and nice too, however his voice is something that will capture all your attention throughout the song.

3. Dhak Dhak

This song is an absolute disaster. A very bad attempt in remaking the good old Madhuri Dixit song Mera Jiya Dhak Dhak Karne Laga. Nasal voice, pathetic music accompanied with disastrous choreography, the sexy old song has been transformed to something you wouldn’t ever want to listen to.

4. Tu Hi Tu

Tu hi tu is again sung by Ayushmann Khurrana however this one is quite passable. Lyrics aren’t something that stands out and neither is the music. But you do find the actor singing in a high pitch which is not too bad. Over all the song doesn’t really get to you so it’s something you will forget about after listening to it.

5. Dramebaaz

Here you find Abhishek Bachchan appearing in a cameo role in this song. It’s a very funky song as you find the actors wearing weird costumes like they are dressed for a costume party but the good part is the lyrics and tune of the song matches with the video and compliments the entire scenario portrayed. It’s a happy go lucky kind of song and can be included in your house party track list.

6. Sapna Mera Toota

When you have Rahet Fateh Ali Khan singing a song it goes without saying that the vocals would be incredible and the song too. Going with the trend, this is another one of his songs which is on the morbid side creating a very gloomy atmosphere. The tune is slow but the beats are something that you will like especially towards the chorus.

7. Dil Ki Toh Lag Gayi

The song starts with a very sufi like music which is different from the other songs hence makes it unique. But it’s quite a disappointment because the song is too soft and something that is suitable for a horror like movie. Lyrics is something you won’t like and the vocals are not too bad but it’s the tune which you might enjoy mainly because it’s something new.

8. So Gaya Yeh Jahan

This is again a remake of the old song ‘So Gaya Yeh Jahan’ and it’s disappointing. Fast paced music and the choreography does not compliment the track at all. But on the other hand it could also be a satrical adaptation of the song being portrayed. This we will know only after we watch the movie.

9. Mera Mann Kehne Laga (reprise)

This is the reprise version which of the original track and surprisingly it’s a lot better. Though both the versions of the song are nice, this one gets a bigger thumbs up!

10. Sadi Galli Aaja (unplugged)

It’s quite similar to the original version hence you can as well listen to the original version instead of this one.

11. Mera Mann Kahne Laga (Female)

The female version of this song is sung by Tulsi kumar and it’s beautiful. It’s hard to decide which one is better the male or the female version. Never the less both versions are a must listen.

12. Sadi Gali Aaja (remix)

Another version of this song, but makes no difference again. This one is a little fast paced compared to the other two versions but original one is way better.

13. Mera Mann Kehna Laga (remix)

Remixing a gorgeous romantic track is not really a good idea. However this remix isn’t too bad but if you prefer the slow laid back romance kind of song go for the original.

Verdict: This album has good and bad aspects. The good aspect is that there is a lot of experimentation when it comes to music, each track has a different tune which compliments the lyrics. The bad aspect is the remaking of old songs, the two songs that have been included in this album are not at all impressive. However if there is one constant good thing throughout the album it’s the vocals, brilliant in every song. Over all this album is not too bad but it could have definitely done much better.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆