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Band -: kARNATRiix

Track Name Singers/Performers Rating
Delicately Tuned John Anthony, Faiyaz Khan, Muthu Kumar ★★★☆☆
Exorcism John Anthony,  Muthu Kumar ★★★½☆
Entharo John Anthony, Faiyaz Khan, Muthu Kumar ★★★★★
Namasthe John Anthony, Muthu Kumar, Faiyaz Khan ★★★★☆


1. Delicately Tuned -:

The mixing of the Human senses amidst Nature’s calling is the theme behind this indeed Delicately Tuned track. It starts off with the mellow chirps of birds, effluent with the calmness that surrounds the early morning freshness.  “Enlightenment is like a Moon in a reflection …. It need not be a huge pool to capture it, a mere dewdrop on the grass is enough” is the philosophy behind the soul binding rendition from the artists.  The sarangi solo by Ustad Faiyaz Khan is replaced gracefully by the John’s Guitar and Ustad’s vocals and this two combine mellifluously  to create a 10 minute rendition that really takes us to the heart of Mother Nature.

2. Exorcism -:

This rendition in Akhir Bhairavi, with konakkol  rendition deep bass explain the intensity the artists intend to convey. John’s guitar creates the moody theme to the song with good techno mix to create the surreal effect. The abrupt change in the shruthi symbolizes the chaos that is ever present. Every coin has two sides. Hell hath No Fury like Nature Scorned.

3. Entharo -:

Every single time I hear the Thygaraja’s kritis, I have been spellbound by the intensity and the dedication in each of the compositions. There have been numerous instrumentalists who have tried their cover with the Saint’s masterpieces; but none as simple and as original as what Karnatriix have achieved. John’s fingers glide over the guitar like a Veena and the entire tempo and feel you get listening to the song feels so original as well as paying homage to the great Saint himself. Class personified is what this rendition is.

4. Namaste -:

Namaste is the Sanskrit word for paying respects. A greeting, welcome, gratitude, respect ; all personified into one single word. Likewise the respect for the Mother Nature is reflected in the song. Upon listening to this, it takes us on a voyage of our own past, filled with it’s ups and downs but nevertheless grateful for what we have been offered and what we have become. The vocals blend in with the strums to create a beautiful diary of memories.


Album ★★★★★★★★★☆

Namaste’, a  45 minute album released in 2008 in India by Indiabeat and distributed by EMI/Virgin was widely acclaimed due to the experimental nature of the compositions and production. The songs woven together under a perception of a ‘trip from dawn to dusk, a dialogue between man and nature and a link between the known and the unknown’ is considered as one of the best concept albums to have come out of the Indian subcontinent. ‘Namaste’ was successful in topping Planet M Charts for two weeks in a row in the New Age/World Music Category. Other than the original mellifluous compositions like Exorcism, Namaste and Delicately Tuned, the album also consisted of the band’s interpretation of Saint Thyagaraja’s ancient masterpiece – Entharo Mahanubhavalu.