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Cast : Ram Charan Teja,Kajal Agarwal,Amala Paul,Dev Gill,Brahmanandam,MS Narayana

Music : S.Thaman

Story : Akula Shiva

Cinematography : Chota K.Naidu]

Screenplay : Akula Shiva

Direction : V.V Vinayak

        Track Name     Singers    Rating
Laila O Laila Shankar Mahadevan,Ranjith,Rahul Nambiyar,Naveen Madhav ★★½☆☆
Subhalekha Raasukunna Haricharan,Shreya Ghoshal ★★★★☆
Nellorae Jaspreet Jasz,Suchitra ★★★½☆
Hey Naayak Shreya Ghoshal,Naveen Madhav ★★★½☆
Kathi Lanti Pilla S.Thaman,Shefali Alvaris ★★★½☆
Oka Choopuke Padipoya Vijay Prakash,Bindu Mahima ★★★☆☆

Album Analysis :

Laila O Laila

Singers : Shankar Mahadevan,Ranjith,Rahul Nambiyar,Naveen Madhav

“Laila O Laila” sounds typical Thaman-ish all the way.It reminds the listeners instantly of “Bad Boyz” number from Businessman.Wait a minute ! Shankar Mahadevan has been credited in this song and has he sung really ? I found it very hard to locate his voice.Why cast an ensemble of singers if we are going to hardly hear all of them distinctly.Nevertheless,this sounds like a standout Ram Charan dance number and all can well watch-out for the dance moves onscreen.

Subhalekha Raasukunna

Singers : Haricharan,Shreya Ghoshal

Easily by a long way, the best song of the album ! The ‘Ilaiyaraja’ magic is still there and this had been such an evergreen song that even an half hearted attempt would look good.But,to take nothing away from Thaman,he has done a wise thing by keeping almost the original essence.The lead singers Haricharan and Shreya Ghoshal give their 100% to this song and the trend of Ram Charan to redo his father’s numbers in his films is paying off well.Ilaiyaraja’s tune looks still majestic & Thaman – Good attempt !


Singers : Jaspreet Jasz,Suchitra

The expected,hyped youth anthem pick of the album ! “Nellorae” has autotuning to its worst extreme.The song completely sounds robotic and parts of it resembles “Chulbuli Chulbuli”.The singing is pitch perfect by Suchitra and the tune is also quite catchy.There is nothing wrong in the tune,singing n all.Its the auto-tuning which spoils the song.A kind of oxymoron.Addictive !

Hey Naayak

Singers : Shreya Ghoshal,Naveen Madhav

Right from the onset,it is clear that “Hey Naayak” is a mass masala song.There are traces of “Eyi Raja”,”Chinnadho” in this number and if the predictions go right,this song might see Ram Charan blazing his dance moves along with both the heroines.The interludes are done in a way that one could easily imagine Ram Charan doing his trademark dance moves.The dhol beats take control of the entire song.Mass Masala !

Kathi Lanti Pilla

Singers : S.Thaman,Shefali Alvaris

The song starts with a slow guitar strumming and falls into typical Thaman genre.The tune is quite easy on the ears.The picturization is one to look out for.The chorus portion is extremely catchy.Vocals of Shefali Alvaris suit this song quite well and this is one of the better songs of the album !

Oka Choopuke Padipoya

Singers : Vijay Prakash,Bindu Mahima

“Oka Choopuke Padipoya” is a fast paced,racy  duet set in the lines of “Vaishali”.There is quite an amount of voice processing done that it nearly makes the singer’s voice unrecognizable.Inspite of all this,the song works mainly because of the tune and the ‘hook’ element in it.The second interlude has some crazy mixing stuff.Vijay Prakash does a neat job with this number.

Picks of the album : Subhalekha Rasukunna,Kathi Lanti Pilla,Nellorae,Hey Naayak

Album Verdict : Commercial Cocktail !

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆