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Director: Jeeva Shankar

Producer: Fathima Vijay Antony

Cast: Vijay Antony, Siddharth Venugopal, Rupa Manjari, Anuya, Viba

Music Director: Vijay Antony

Vijay Antony has scored music for the 25th time in this film but the more interesting thing is that he is the male protagonist in the film. Let’s see how his songs have fared:

Song Name Singers/Performers Rating
Maccayala Mark, Shakthi Sir, Krishnan, Magesan ★★★½☆
Ulaginil miga uyaram Vijay Antony ★★½☆☆
Thappellam thappe illai Aadhi, Santhosh, Hariharan ★★½☆☆
Thinam thinam naan saagiren Deepak ★★½☆☆
No one is perfect theme -NA- ★★★☆☆

1. Maccayala
Mark, Shakthi Sir, Krishnan, Magesan
Lyricist: Priyan

Following the recent trend, this song was released as a single track and as has been the norm most often in such cases, it had a pretty decent reception from the Tamil audience. A variety in the voice modulation of the singers in English and Tamil at appropriate intervals has boosted this song.

2. Ulaginil miga uyaram
Vijay Antony
Lyricist: Annamalai

This seems to be a song encouraging the hero during his unfortunate times. It begins with a mild humming like most of his previous compositions and then Vijay Antony takes complete control of the song using his vocals just as the beats start to change. The slow beats and the light instrumentals have gelled together well.

3. Thappellam thappe illai          
Aadhi, Santhosh, Hariharan
Lyricist: Asmin

This is a song with revenge written all over it. The English rap and Tamil mix are not that impressive and this song will do well if its video clicks among the public. The beats of the song again remind us of Antony’s previous compositions. The interesting sound mixes, different voices and beats make it similar to a club song.

4. Thinam thinam naan saagiren
Lyricist:  Annamalai

This song depicts that part of hero’s life when he is surrounded by gloom and lives with fear and loneliness. Annamalai has written decent lyrics for the situation of the song but its fate mainly depends on the video and the reception of the film after being released.

5. No one is perfect theme

This is the theme song with sounds of strings and the piano accompanied by a normal beat. It manages to create the necessary suspense and hence it perfectly fits the bill for a thriller movie. We can expect this theme to be used as the background score for the action sequences in the film. When compared to rest of the songs, this is a better output from the music director.


Album ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

As an experienced music director, he should have delivered a much better album than this and even more so because it’s his film in more ways than one.  Maccayala Maccayala, though, is a good song and will continue to find the favour of the audience.