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Movie Album : Naa Ishtam

Music Director: Chakri

Lyrics: Chandrabose

Song Name



Naa Ishtam

Kunal Ganjawala


Ma Pedhakka

Aishwarya,Deepthi Chary,Geetha Madhuri


Jillele Jillele

Adnan Sami,Mamta Sharma


Haayi Haayiga



Changure Andhaale

Hema Chandra,Uma Neha


O Saathiya

Kay Kay


Nee Kannullo



 1.       Naa Ishtam

Although the start of the song has an Arabic touch to it, it soon takes a fast paced form. Kunal Ganjawala does no harm to the beauty of the song. Lot of electronics and mixing involved. The lyrics has been sprinkled with due share of English. The song has a lot of variety and is enjoyable that way. There is a generous use of guitar as well. The song would make you dance to it and tap your foot. The song could well be described as a roller coaster ride and a lover of melodies is sure to find a bi of relief once the song gets over.

2.       Ma Pedhakka

The song appears to be a Qawwali sort with a high dose of harmonium at the start but it is sure to put your guesses to shame. The song induces a merry making mood in the air and again you feel shaking a leg. The variety is clearly visible in the array of musical instruments used. The singer does justice to the pace and the mood of the song. There is more use of Indian musical instruments than the electronics here. This is the sort of song that would prompt you to dance in the kuthu style.

3.       Jillele Jillele

Adnan Sami adds glamour to this fun song. The song is fast-paced and is a duet. Violins, guitars and the chorus add a merry demeanor to the song. The blend of guitar and percussion is beautiful to say the least and not something you hear quite often. This is a different attempt by Chakri. The female voice gets shadowed with Adnan’s unique voice but her voice fits the profile of the song well. This is probably the first time I have heard Adnan sing such type of song but he is able to carry it well.

4.       Haayi Haayiga

The mood is romantic and is an all-male song. There is a slight use of Hindi lyrics. The song is fast paced and there is a between the gap use of guitar too. The voice carries the song on his shoulders and does it well too. He packs the song with punch. You feel like mouthing the song when you hear it. The song alternates between the punching fast pace and a romantically slow pace. Revanth displays skill by switching between these paces with ease. The background score gels well with the voice and the mood of the song. The lyrics is all about love of course.

5.       Changure Andhaale

The song has a speedy pace to it. The male voice adds a wild edge to this song. It appears the song apt for a dance floor performance. The male voice shadows the female one. The selection of musical instrument is apt for the mood of the song and their usage with the pace of the song shows artistic expertise. You will feel like gathering up your friends and shaking a leg then and there. The song also has a use of heavy guitar and some electronic sounds. The fun and enjoyment is in the air and you can feel it in every sound and every second of the song.

6.       O Saathiya

After slurry of fast-paced numbers, one expects if this album has a slow number or not? Well this song is your answer. The song starts off at a slow pace and with a use of guitar in a melodious tone. The melodious undertone of the song continues and Kay Kay starts off with a high pitched lyrics. His artistry is visible in the ease at which he is able to switch between different pitches. The background score soothes you and then comes the undercurrent of guitar music to make you keep in touch with that gentle element of rock. The chorus only adds more flavors. The song makes me feel as if I am walking in a desert an open shirt in frenzy of romance. The guitar work has been made to set well into the tone of this otherwise melodious song which is commendable. Towards the end of the song you start feeling as if the tune gets repetitive and then it stops.

7.       Nee Kannullo

Lyrics: Balaji

The flute and the piano at the start soothe you. Shaan’s voice has been used well for a slow melody song. The percussion is peppy and adds a foot tapping beauty to the song. The music director balances the flute with a sprinkle of percussion quite beautifully. Shaan plays with the song but the only pity with it is that it ends as soon as it begins. One only expects to enjoy the lovely music and voice for a couple more minutes. With the title of the movie being used so often in the lyrics here, I wasn’t surprised when I was proved wrong in guessing that this was the title song. One yearns to hear the song again and again because of he feels that he hasn’t got enough in that short couple of minutes which is a good trick in making the song played repetitively.  This is song that would ask you to just throw away your mental baggage and relax for those colorful two minutes.


Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Verdict: Be ready to rock and also be swoon in your dreams.

Although the two slow songs towards the end of the album add the much-needed beauty to the song the others only add more punch and energy without the essence of melody. Chakri has created a mixture of melody and dance numbers. The album has an undercurrent of love and masti. It provokes you dance not only in the western style but also do justice to the Indian local dance. The slow numbers make you get lost in your own world of feelings and dreams. I expected Chakri to render his voice to at least one song since he has done so in so many of his earlier movies but alas! That was not to be. The selection of high profile singers like Adnan Sami and Shaan have definitely provided Chakri the hits he deserved. The voice of Shaan stands out and the shortest one becomes the sweetest one on your ears. The words of the song stay on long after you have switched off from it. One could have hoped for some more variety in the composition of the fast pace songs in the earlier part of the album. While the star cast ensures that there is a lot expectation from this album, it doesn’t disappoint the crowd. This one is for the masses. It’s a ‘pick whatever you want’ sort of album.