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Artist: Kris Heaton Band

Album: World Gone Mad

Genre(s): Rock, Blues, Pop

World Gone Mad by Kris Heaton Band is an album that takes a broad take on life and the world. The songs in it go well together, although the album as one single listen is quite heavy and leaves you with a wide array of emotions.

Track Rating
1.      Who Let The Bullets Fly ★★★☆☆
2.     World Gone Mad ★★½☆☆
3.      When We Danced ★★½☆☆
4.       Something New ★★★½☆
5.       I Want You ★★★½☆
6.     When the Sun Goes Down ★★★★☆
7.      Drink to the Girls ★★½☆☆
8.       The Moment ★★★☆☆
9.     One Thin Line ★★★½☆
10.   Where the Wind Blows ★★★★☆
11.    Way of the World ★★★½☆
12.   Better World ★★★½☆

1. Who Let The Bullets Fly

The album opens with an energetic, all-out track that really calls out to its listeners and makes them get involved. A very clean sounding mix, the song is enjoyable in the way it’s presented.

2. World Gone Mad

The title track of the album sets out with good intentions but gets lost on its way with some uninspired songwriting. It nevertheless puts forth its message.

3. When We Danced

Another upbeat track follows, and as the blues in the lyric transition to a bittersweet nostalgia, you start connecting more with the song, and the core motif of the song drives it along.

4. Something New

Something New opens on a slightly different approach that works in its favour. Taking on a more alt-ballad route, the production keeps things interesting while the songwriting is relatively better.

5. I Want You

The opening bassline gets you hooked, and I Want You hits a groovier vibe than its predecessors. Featuring solid solos, interesting rhythms, and an ooh-aah bridge that hits the mark, this song brings good variety to the album.

6. When The Sun Goes Down

A more acoustic-sounding intro welcomes you and the song settles into a comfortable groove.  You start feeling the general quality of the album improve with each passing track, this one with a more country sound to it.

7. Drink to the Girls

A song that’s a little hard to place, Drink to the Girls has a very 80s vibe to it. With a sound that’s all too familiar, this stadium rock number doesn’t leave an impression.

8. The Moment

Starting with a reggae-like feel, the lines deliver a special kind of wake-up call that’s reminiscent of Who Let The Bullets Fly. The sounds come together well, with the bass filling in the spaces quite amicably.

9. One Thin Line

In One Thin Line, things get philosophical and deep, with the band almost nailing the sound. This track stands out as a welcome distraction at this stage in the album.

10. Where The Wind Blows

An interesting intro with chants sets the stage for this number that has a lot going for it. Being almost an extension of the previous track, the transition to this one feels well-supported.

11. Way of the World

Another chant, this time a little odd-sounding, kicks off this song that transitions into a reflective account. The band manage to achieve the desired mood, while the guitar riffs and solo work well.

12. Better World

The album ends on an earnest note with Better World. Featuring a female lead as well, this one has touches of ballad to it, and you feel the album coming full circle with this track.

Verdict: Kris Heaton Band offer a message-driven album with World Gone Mad.

Picks of the album: When The Sun Goes Down, Where The Wind Blows

Overall rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆