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Artist: Jimmie Lee

Genre: Pop, rock

Lyrics: Jimmie Lee


This debut artist with a song which is a mix of dance, pop, rock and R&B is more than just debutant’s piece of work. Everything about the song speaks so much about the artist and his passion for music. The track reminds you of retro tracks, and in a most bizarre way it also reminds you of Hugh Grant’s music in Music and Lyrics. Yes, it

does take you to various places that you never thought you would go.

The track which starts off with peppy dance notes makes the rhythm of the track pumping and alive at all times. The lyrics are fun to follow and make the song an easy flow. When a song that is mixed with various genres, usually there is a demarcation or transition from one genre to another, this track somehow manages to avoid both the regular forms and give us an entirely different track that is a blend. Hats off to that!

The best part of the track is the composition of the song. The blend of the music, the apt usage of vocals at the right places, the lyrics make the song a complete treat. For a debutante, a song of this stature surely must have taken a load of an effort to compose and it certainly shows. All the effort has paid off. The only qualm one would have about this track would probably be the repetition of chorus, one too many times which puts the song in a mundane light. The artist could have been a little bit more creative in that department.

On the whole, the song tells us one thing, the promising artist and his talent and love for music. Is that all one needs? Well, yes. He’s surely got it all and we hope he comes out with more of such marvelous composition.

Album Verdict: Worth every penny

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆