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Artist: Tony Clark and Killing Time

Album: When I’m In My Car

Producers: Tony Clark

Genre(s): Hard Rock

Tony Clark and Killing Time- singer, guitarist and songwriter Tony Clark, bassist Emmanuel Abrigada and drummer Sascha Baransky- have passed the test any trio is naturally subjected to- whether they can come off sounding larger than most large groups. Their five new tracks are united into an album that reflects a clear overall approach to the music.


Track Rating
She’s At The Centre Of Her World ★★★½☆
Tonto (Stupid) ★★★☆☆
When I’m In My Car ★★★★½
I Am The Dirt ★★★½☆
Fat Girls In The Pool ★★★☆☆

 1.       She’s At The Centre Of Her World

The heavy distortion on a song of this nature (musically) tells you the artist is very fond of distortion, and that more of it can be expected.

2.       Tonto (Stupid)

This is an example of an angry song of a type- the type of sound reserved for anger that can only be resolved by murder. One need not understand the exact words to comprehend how it is about a certain prominent politician.

3.       When I’m In My Car

This beautifully bleary eyed song is like a dark morning. The only source of light is a melodica. The shrill rasp of feedback crickets electric-fences the sides of the road one is cruising along. When I’m In My Car immerses you in its soundscape.

4.       I Am The Dirt

I Am The Dirt effectively communicates another type of contempt, one characterized by sarcasm and criticism. The theme (lack of civil courage) I condone, for I think it deserves to be more widely attended to.

5.       Fat Girls In The Pool

There’s no better way to end the day than with absurdity; this nonsensical song does the job. It is thrashy and pulsating, with a brutally honest guitar tone that I am thankful for- not smoothened out to make it more palpable to people, which generally means hiding it a little (for the want of backbone) so it doesn’t stick out so much or isn’t as prickly.

Final thoughts: Do not judge Tony Clark. His varied tastes and abilities might get you unawares in his next record. He sure doesn’t waste any electricity on this one- he’s a man who seems to know the value of distortion and electric sound. I hear talent with tone all around but When I’m In My Car is the only soundscape that has enough dimension, enough of a z axis, to enable viewing through a custom perspective.  

Picks of the album: When I’m In My Car

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆