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Artist: Arthur Fowler

Album: What’s Keeping Me Going

Record Label: Bang On Recordings

Genre: Acid Folk, Jazz-Rock

Arthur Fowler is a Milwaukee-born folk singer-songwriter currently residing in Tokyo. Having a long time interest in Wes Montgomery, Jimi Hendrix, psychedelic icon Jerry Garcia, and Carlos Santana, Fowler presents us with an array of uniquely composed songs.

Track Rating
What’s Keeping Me Going ★★★★½
Please Try ★★★★☆
Love the Music ★★★★½
Room Full of Mirrors ★★★★★
HU ★★★★½
Twilight Breeze ★★★★½
The New York Song ★★★★☆
Here I am ★★★★☆
From the Turnstiles ★★★★☆
Splash ★★★★★
On the Verge ★★★★☆


  1. What’s Keeping Me Going

Rarely do artists incorporate the sounds of nature in to their songs but when it is done perfectly, the outcome can be more than just perfection. What’s Keeping Me Going captures the quintessence of inspiration with its nostalgic mix.

  1. Please Try

A simple message wrapped up in a very eclectic tune, Please Try does not fail to catch the attention of its listeners.

  1. Love the Music

With a simple touch of the Carribean, Love the Music is an irresistible tune that lives up to its name.

  1. Room Full of Mirrors

A seductive and classy track in spite of the personal touch.

  1. HU

HU is a soft ballad, the music of which trails quite hazily; but in a manner that awakens our senses. The charm of this lethargic song is owed to its guitarist, Kei Takasugi, whose talent is undeniably raw in this track.

  1. Twilight Breeze

Twilight Breeze takes full advantage of its musical dynamics to communicate with its audience and leaves us with the taste of sophistication.

  1. The New York Song

This simple aesthetic song grows on you. A beautiful harmony provided by RiMaNi makes the song really stand. Because of its simplicity, one is exposed to the clarity of the vocals, percussion and strings; making the quality of the song even more impressive.

  1. Here I am

       Compared to the other tracks, Here I am passes off a little bland in its tune but don’t skip        by it because the lyrics will make it worth a listen.

  1. From the Turnstiles

This simple ballad is uncompromised in its wonderfully crafted lyrics and instrumentals, especially the harmonica and fiddle which when played reaches out like a blanket to its listeners.

  1. Splash

What starts as a soothsayer soon turns in to a typical jail cell gang song. This unexpected transition is just one of the track’s appeals. With its dark undertone, Splash suddenly hits us with a hint of Santana and old Jazz without a break in it the flow.

  1. On the Verge

As his final note, Arthur Fowler leaves his listeners in awe with this soothing yet overwhelming track which is a perfect homage to the blues era.

Final Thoughts: A beautifully composed album of diverse sounds coming together to provide us with soulful and mystical music.

Pick of the Album: Room Full of Mirrors, What’s Keeping Me Going, Love the Music, Splash

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½