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Music Album: Welcome To My World

Music Artist: Malachi Grant


Track Name Rating
Welcome 2 My World ★★★☆☆
My Life ★★★☆☆
Where I’m From ★★★½☆
G Ride ★★½☆☆
Party Ova Here feat. Dunn Da God ★★½☆☆
Flya Than ★★½☆☆
She Said ★★★½☆
Have It All ★★★★☆
Living My Life ★★☆☆☆
Lovely ★★★½☆
Signed and Sealed ★★★☆☆
So Much More ★★☆☆☆

1. Welcome 2 My World

The track generates mixed responses in all. Apart from the new angle to Soulja Boy’s new found genre the track doesn’t really stand out as such. A sense of blasé is experienced as you go through to the end of the track.

2. My Life

With the rap the track gains a semblance

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of appreciating factor. However, the regular notes blare on and fail to make a mark.

3. Where I’m From

This track, however, brings some hope into the album, with beats and rap style though familiar make an effort to be novel. The track is pretty enjoyable and makes for a good listen.

4. G Ride

This track more or less could have been avoided as it resembles the previous tracks and isn’t unique apart from the lyrics.

5. Party Ova Here (feat. Dunn Da God)

This track probably makes for a good party song but many occasions you may feel the rap is not party material. Could have done better with the turning down the rap.

6. Flya Than

The song, again, doesn’t seem much more than a mere rip off of the old tracks in the genre. Apart from the few nuances here and there the track doesn’t come across as highly impressive. Malachi should have given some though to being unique.

7. She Said

The track has an air of freshness to it, maybe because of the theme of the track or the rhythm or the novelty of the notes.

8. Have It All

The track again comes across something highly refreshing and stands out. There’s something new and moving about this track and the lyrics are awesome.

9. Living My Life

After listening to the previous track, you wish the author keeps the momentum going. However, this track doesn’t impress.

10. Lovely

The album has surely got one too many tracks of the same kind. The artist should try to deviate from the regular style occasionally to make better tracks.

11. Signed and Sealed

The different theme of this track surely comes as a welcome change in the album but the consistent rapping style that doesn’t seem to change. The track, again could have toned down the excess rap portions.

12. So Much More

The monotony with the ‘so much more’ rap gets to you with this track ‘cause this is when the artist realizes that he brings in a change with the rapping style but he doesn’t. Even the chorus doesn’t strike a chord at all.

Album Verdict: Good start and Malachi can do much better!

Album Rating: ★★★☆☆