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Warrior is a nine-track album by Polish born independent guitarist/keyboardist/composer, Arek Religa. While it is distinctively composed, it is the consistent fieriness and sheer talent behind the guitar-centric instrumentals that immediately grabs your attention!

Album: Warrior

Artist: Arek Religa

Genre: Rock, Instrumental

Digipak 4P 1CD

Track Rating
Into The Arena ★★★☆☆
Changes ★★★☆☆
Highway Traffic ★★★½☆
Journey ★★★★☆
PxAr ★★★☆☆
Revolutionary Etude Op 10 No 12 (Chopin) ★★★★½
Not Quite Latino ★★★½☆
Warrior ★★★½☆
Chicago Guitar Knight ★★★½☆







1. Into The Arena

Into The Arena is dominated by conjoined guitar melodies that rise, then soar! It’s easy to like this track as the guitar work is riveting. However, it is by no means a stand-out compared to the rest of the album.

2. Changes

The initial bass-drums opening is soothing, before it jumps into a guitar-heavy rumble that feels characteristic of the artist. However, for a track titled Changes, the melody feels a bit monotonous midway through the track. The closing guitar solo makes up for it!

3. Highway Traffic

Highway Traffic is a flurry of activity. It starts out breezy, before getting caught in a muddle of strings and notes. A catchy track, with riffs that get you in the groove.

4. Journey

In the mood for adventure? A quest, perhaps? Journey makes you feel like you’re in the middle of one, with twinkly instrumentation that is executed skillfully. The arrangement is effected with militaristic precision and enough creativity thrown in to make it worth listening to. It ends on a lighter, more relaxed note.

5. PxAr

PxAr is a touch milder and blue-sier, which makes for quite a change over the heavy-guitar melodies!

6. Revolutionary Etude op 10 no 12 (Chopin)

The “Revolutionary” in the title of this track is spot on! Arek Religa gives us Chopin’s Etude op 10 no 12 piano piecewith a blazing guitar-led twist! Fast paced, fluid and anthemic, this is the track to watch out for!

7. Not Quite Latino

Starts out in the same, guitar-led vein as the rest of the tracks before the Latin influences creep in. The melody is pleasant and playful, especially with the carefree drumming!

8. Warrior

A truly epic instrumental that pulls all the strings to make heads turn! The opening notes reminded me a bit of the Game of Thrones theme song, though as the track progresses, it gets more nuanced and distinctive in its impact. The track reaches its peak early on and maintains the high throughout!

9. Chicago Guitar Knight

Persistent guitar melodies that surge forth in an endless, adrenaline-rush-inducing stream. The seamless quality of this track makes it worth listening to!

Verdict: A strong, well-directed effort. Recommended for those with an ear for guitar-led instrumentals!

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆