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NYC singer-songwriter, Sonali recently released Wake Up, her most mature EP to date. This 5-track EP is the perfect marriage of the pop and folk genres. Sonali’s songwriting on this record far surpasses her Speechless days and it’s safe to say her recent skills acquired from her studies at NYU have paid off.

 The title track is lead by a complementing blend of guitar and banjo throughout the barely 3-minute song.“Living in a box on 12th St., I’m getting by one day at a time,” are the relatable lyrics detailing Sonali’s new lifestyle as she embarks on her independenc eof being on her own for the first time. The next song “Who We Are” displays another side of Sonali, showcasing her ability to write from the 3rd person. The accompanying music video follows a young gay couple’s search for acceptance within their family. The emotional element of t4PAN1The video is awe-inspiring and left me in tears. The third track, “Find Your Way” is a ballad containing simple vocals and acoustic guitar, telling the story of love lost. “I’ve come to find, I keep forgetting to forget you. Things were simple, you just made me feel so free.” This might be the heartbreak song of the bunch. “Holding Pattern” is probably my least favorite song on the EP, but it is still a good poppy, singer-songwriter tune. The closing track, “September” was actually my first introduction to Sonali’s work. The lyrics of the song seem like a page out of my last relationship, which is maybe why I like it so much, that along with the catchy chorus and fun whistling. She also released a video for this song.

 Overall, Wake Up is an appreciable EP and I am excited to see what Sonali has in store for her next release. Check her out at www.ItsMeSonali.com.