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Artist: Lieder

Album: Von Konow

Genre(s): Synth pop

Track Rating
Cosmic ★★★★☆
Horses Run With Me ★★★★☆
Winter ★★★☆☆



This is straight up Bowie meets Nick Cave and in a good way. The synths and the trumpets are eerie and are a throwback to the best the 80s had to offer. There is also a bit of Devo thrown in there and overall the vibe of this album is pretty exquisite and lush. The sense of decadence never entirely leaves the production and the mastering seems to have been done with some top-notch instincts for sharpness and intricacy.

Horses Run With Me:

My favorite track off this album, Horses Run with Me is perhaps the strongest in terms of construction. Almost jazz-like improvisations run throughout this loose, jammy song but man is it good to get back to the 80s! Von Lieder does retro well and how! The music video opens to the vast expanse of a desert and there is so much of the Depeche mode spirit to the video that it had me smiling all the way


Winter proves how diverse the album can actually get and how in touch it is with the 80s. With bits of The Cure thrown in, this one has the same synth elements that made the preceding songs such joyful earworms. There is an element of playfulness that makes this a wonder to listen to and the squealing vocals make the spirit soar. Overall a great finisher to a great album.

Picks of the album:  Horses Run With Me, Winter

 Overall rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆