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Artist: Venu Vangueety

Venu Vangueety is an accomplished flutist, who likes fusing together different kinds of sounds. His world travels serve as his chief inspiration, as evidenced by the tenor of his music.


Track Rating
How ★★½☆☆
Love and Success ★★★½☆
World ★★★☆☆

1.       How

A gorgeous blend of Indian classical and western elements is supplemented by grainy vocals that jar you. However, they feel out of sync with the background instrumentals.

2.       Love and Success

Once again, the beats felt like they were overcrowding the vocals. The instrumentals by themselves, however, do tell a story of their own.

Despite the lyrics feeling like an added weight, a distraction, from the underlying sentiment of the song… the track is charming in its own right. The yearning from the lyrics, and the sad yet majestic nature of the melody, make you muse over the exact implication of the track’s title.

3.       World

World features a more lucid melody and gentler vocals.Feeling almost like a part of a film score… it paints a grim but vivid picture that stays with you. It ends on a clean and harmonious note.

Verdict: There are some definite gaps between what tracks like How aim to achieve and how far it resonates with the listener. The artist has a great potential. With focus on making better music, he can definitely hit the mark.

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆