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Music Artist/Band: Hella Donna

Music Album: Unbreakable

Producers: Sven Hessel, Phillip Larsen, Marcel Sach senroder, Markus Rieger/Mexxtone, Thomas Heimann- Trosien

Genre: Pop/Pop-Dance/Rock

Hella Donna is a power pop German band that has refused to be stifled by past break-ups and intermissions. The 2014 album “Unbreakable” seems to signify that outlook.


Track Rating
Gimme Lights, Camera, Action ★★★½☆
X Ray ★★★☆☆
Sugar Coated Arrows ★★★★☆
Destroy ★★★★☆
Free Yourself ★★★★☆
I Believe ★★★★☆
Trouble I Had ★★★☆☆
Faceless In Shadows ★★★★☆
Pictures In The Box ★★★★☆
Groove On(N.E.W version) ★★★½☆
Brandnew Beat ★★★½☆
Faceless In Shadows(Bonus Tracks) ★★★★☆

1.Gimme Lights, Camera, Action:

 This bright number showcases the jazzy side of the singer’s voice, but with the added frowning eyebrows of rock. The guest indie rapper Joshua has a very syllabic say in this song that calls Flo Rida to mind.

2.  X Ray:

Negligible doses of RnB and funk aside, the song stays true to the pop form.

3. Sugar Coated Arrows:

 It begins with a  shuffle, with groovy laid back attitude-packed singing, which jumps to a creative, rather unexpected theme before the chorus settles into something more easily recognizable. An electronic/house dance frame encloses instances of bluesy singing and elements of rock and pop.

4. Destroy:

The majority of the song takes you for a ride on a Bouncing <Insert whatever a rural folk musician has to offer you instead of a castle>, and completely ridicules the introduction’s (a vocal performance of channeled anger over a blues rock riff) build-up to it. The vocals don’t seem to pay much heed to this change in their surroundings all through the song.

 5. Free Yourself:

 As in most of the other songs, the singer Anika Karabas has the quality in her voice that can push people around.  In this track, she uses it for Good, demanding that people free themselves.  A vintage rock song in construction, it sounds most noticeably like Cream.

 6. I believe:

The beauty in this highly emotional ballad is that it, when listened to, seems perfect just the way it is. The prospect of alternate arrangements does not cross one’s mind at all while the song plays. This is necessary for a song of this kind, and so all there is to be said at the end is, it works.

 7. Trouble I had:

A fanbase for this song was ready for it much before it released, because although not too much is new, it is nicely performed. The combination of the music and lyrics is certain to create the required effect.

 8. Faceless in shadows:

The trend of emotional, reduced arrangements is continued in this RnB track, except for the attack of a solid groove for a few seconds in the latter half. The lyrics are philosophical.

 9. Pictures in the box:

 The Western vibe of the intro only gives a hint of a tango, only to return much later in song as a full-fledged tango, with a poppy chorus in between.

 10.Groove On (N.E.W version):

 Groove On is a simple, some would feel simplistic, ode to rock music. To a person who enjoys rock music mainly for its extroverted party feel or anyone else who views this as an isolation of that aspect of rock, it is right on target. The guitar solo interests me with an unusual (in the context) incorporation of one of Jimi Hendrix’s less popularly aped ideas.  (This was in collaboration with the New European Wrestling League)

 11. Brandnew Beat:

I must disclaim that there is really nothing brand new about it.  A person with the inclination may find a consuming exercise in tracing all the different musical influences in the song.

 12. Faceless in Shadows (Bonus Track):

A fan of this song will definitely be pleased to alternate between the recording that appeared earlier and this unplugged one.

Verdict: I highlight the singer, who amazed me hands-down so many times. The band definitely has a great future. Rock on, Hella Donna.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

For more details visit Hella Donna’s website. You  can also purchase the music here.