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Band: Monks of Mellonwah 

Genre: Alternative, Indie, Progressive, Electronic, Pop

Label: Gatcombe Music Pty Ltd

In almost about four years, the Monks of Mellonwah have reached to a wider audience than one would have expected them to reach. Brought together in October of 2009, it was the inherent and collective love of performing live that melded the members Monks of Mellonwah into what they are today. The Monks of Mellonwah set out musically not to repeat past styles, yet rather to pave the future for alternative rock. In doing so, they take the preeminent sounds of 70’s psychedelic rock and 90’s alternative – and blend it into something fresh and new. Their music is an adventure – not a destination.

With the three EPs that did exceptionally well and full length album out in 2013, the band is all set with their new album, ‘Turn the People.’


Track Name Rating
Ghost Stories ★★★★½
Vanity ★★★★☆
Tear You Hate Apart ★★★★☆
Pulse ★★★½☆
Alive For A Minute ★★★½☆
Escaping Alactraz ★★★★½
Sailing Stones ★★★½☆
Turn the People ★★★★☆
Downfall ★★★½☆
Afraid To Die ★★★½☆
Belong To You ★★★★½
Sky And Dark Night ★★★★½

1.       Ghost Stories

The track starts off with some enchanting keys and delves into a track that has a sexy voice crooning to beautiful lyrics amidst the fascinating rhythm. The track is every bit captivating, and makes sure that you are truly hooked. The track takes you on a roller coaster ride and ends with some fabulous up-beat notes to enthrall you thoroughly.

2.       Vanity

With some cool transitions in the tone of the song, the track is enjoyable – every bit of it. The best part of the track is really hard to pint out since every bit is so perfectly put together.

3.       Tear You Hate Apart

The track begins in a very uncanny and bizarre manner, but as it progresses, the your faith is restored as you begin to understand the pulse of the track. It’s entirely possible to just get lost in music, thanks to tracks like these that make it possible. The vocals, crooning away to those beatific lyrics and acoustics, leaves you wanting for more.

4.       Pulse

With a slight change in the genre, the track is worth every bit. The best part of the track is probably the lyrics which make the song meaningful and lively. With a very off-beat beginning, the tracks gains momentum and takes full swing to delve into something extraordinary.

5.       Alive For A Minute

The vocals are more than enough to make you swoon. The track is probably the best of the album, that keeps you amazed throughout. The amazing work on the bass and the subtle humming interjections is what makes the track stand out the most.

6.       Escaping Alactraz

The moment the drums take you into this journey the track offers, you know it is going to be more than just amazing. The vocals bowl you over and that’s exactly when the track stays with you and you end up listening to it all over again.

7.       Sailing Stones

The band sure plays its cards well and goes out of its way to impress the audience. This track, though a little mellow compared to the rest, does manage to stand out and offer something unique to the audience through its powerful vocals.

8.       Turn The People

A title track is always burdened with more expectations than any other track, and without any doubt the band delivers to the audience exactly what they are in for, an absolute treat. The instruments find their way to your mind and make an impression like never before. The track is a four-minute madness that is out there to get you hooked.

9.       Downfall

Sadly enough, this track doesn’t really bring out the vitality of the band and admittedly enough, a slight disappointment as it doesn’t offer much compared to the other tracks.

10.   Afraid To Die

The beginning of the track is beyond perfect and makes for a great listen but as the vocals begin, it starts lose its energy, which is a slight turn-off  but the tracks quickly gains momentum and makes it a strong point and delivers a brilliant track.

11.   Belong To You

True to its title, this track delivers exactly what you’re hoping to listen. A mellow one with a fleeting foray into the soul, this track is completely different from the other tracks which make it a perfect listen. One of the best picks, the track is like a fresh blast of mint, one that touches your heart. Wow.

12.   Sky And The Dark Night

The best of the track is the beautiful serenade of the vocals, the way they croon instigated by their inner pain and this somehow manages to connect with you on deeper level.

Picks from the album: Belong To You, Turn The People, Tear You Hate Apart, Ghost Stories

Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆