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Artist: Tumbler

Album: Come to the Edge

Genre(s): Rock, Alternative


Track Rating
1.       Black Sheep ★★★★☆
2.       Don’t Take Much ★★★★☆
3.       Falling ★★★☆☆
4.       Nothing to Hold You ★★☆☆☆
5.       Sweetest Thing ★★★★☆
6.       Week ★★☆☆☆
7.       Winter Cold Heart ★★★☆☆
8.       Diamond in a Drawer ★★★☆☆
9.       Joanne ★★★☆☆
10.   Safe Hands ★★★☆☆
11. Dial ★★★☆☆
12. Freedom the Cry ★★★★☆


  1. Black Sheep:

As befitting the opening track of the album “Black Sheep” keeps the mood groovy with a track that has a lot of energy and harks back to the best of The Cure and The Kinks. The vocals aren’t really top notch but the song writing is pretty interesting. The wordplay seems almost like stream of consciousness at times and it’s balanced well with the music.

  1. Don’t Take Much:

The second track builds off Black Sheep and seems equally exuberant with some groovy hooks and an exuberance that doesn’t seem to slacken off with time. The Grace Brothers and Dave Needham come close to channeling Soul Asylum on this one.

  1. Falling:

The third track paces the album well. Bringing the energy down a notch settling the listeners in for the nine tracks ahead, this one is soulful and has some catchy moments.

  1. Nothing to Hold You:

Perhaps the weakest track off the album for me. It has a slow burn feel and doesn’t really build to a crescendo unlike the other tracks. That being said, the alt-rock texture is strong and I enjoyed the feel-good vibe thoroughly.

  1. Sweetest Thing:

Before spinning this album, I strongly suspected this would be a cover of the U2 song but am I glad this is an original. It is a sweet ballad that soothes and cajoles the listeners onward.

  1. Week:

The middle point of this album and I am still hooked. That is always a good sign. Usually for 12 track albums I start losing interest until they really hold it together for me but for this one the vibe seems to be strong so far.

  1. Winter Cold Heart:

The second half of the album builds up strong and promises quite a lot of interesting musical soundscapes as we draw closer to the end. This one is perhaps slightly darker than all the ones that came before and I wouldn’t mind the Tumblers taking the musical direction in this way.

  1. Diamond in a Drawer:

The eighth track is slow and very introspective. This song has got a lot of soul. It doesn’t really aim to be a popular radio-ready hit and really goes for the meat and I am very touched and unnerved at the songwriting honesty.

  1. Joanne:

This is fun and has got the foot-tapping chord sequences coming back again to the fore. This feels like a throwback to the best of 90s alt and it’s got some thick grooves piled up in the middle and overall its good fun.

10. Safe Hands:

The tenth track off this album as the songs draw to a close reminds me these lyrics are more like minute short stories wrapped up in time capsules like messages in a bottle. Safe Hands is again a feel-good ballad that leaves you feeling cosy.

11. Dial:

The penultimate track did not leave a strong impression. I felt it a bit of a drag but nevertheless it had its moments but at this point I was ready for the closure

12. Freedom the Cry:

The last song of the album and it finishes strong just the way it had begun strong. Freedom the Cry can easily become a sleeper hit for the ages especially since it has some very infectious and catchy anthem-like lyrics. I enjoyed this album and look forward to more from Tumbler.


Picks of the album: Black Sheep, Sweetest Thing, Diamond in a drawer, Freedom the Cry

Overall rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆