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Artist: Sammy Hakim

Song: Tuck Me In

Genre: Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Alternative Folk

Sammy Hakim

Sammy Hakim

Sammy Hakim is back with Tuck Me In— described in her interview with iMovie iLive as telling “a story of abuse (and neglect)”. The sales from the song and music video go to charities against abuse and bullying. Grittier and weightier than any of her previous singles, Sammy’s full potential as a singer and songwriter is showcased in this very powerful, emotional song.

The single explores feelings of vulnerability, helplessness, the need to retreat to a safer place and presence of scars: hidden and visible that may forever haunt victims of bullying and/abuse. The instrumentals, which are primarily piano-based, are fluid and soothing. Sammy’s vocals take the center stageas the range, emotion and enunciation in her vocals is impressive!

It’s astonishing how impactful the lyrics can be in a duration amounting to roughly three and a half minutes. While raw and vivid in giving the listener a picture of abuse and bullying, the chorus offers unexpected comfort (“Every dark turns to light/ Somewhere down this road”); momentarily clearing the lump that forms in one’s throat. They collide at a point where a range ofconflicting emotionsareunleashed and at this point, Sammy’s vocals more than deliver!

Aside from the proceeds of Tuck Me In going to charity, the song in itself is a beacon of strength and awareness. The music video is described as drawing inspiration from the Oprah quote, “Turn your wounds into wisdom”, which the song, based on experiences of friends and relatives close to the singer, is an epitome of.

Verdict: Cathartic to a fault. A must-listen!

Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆