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Music Artist: Chuck Eaton

Music Album: Tracks


Track Name                         Rating
L.O.V.E ★★★☆☆
Why don’t you come to my arms ★★½☆☆
One more reason ★★½☆☆
Till I get a true love ★★★☆☆
Stupid heart ★★★½☆
Private sky ★★★☆☆
It was not by accident ★★½☆☆
What went so wrong ★★½☆☆
Songs like this ★★½☆☆
Pretty queen ★★★½☆
This world, our home ★★½☆☆
What has made you change ★★½☆☆

 1.      L.O.V.E

The track has been brilliantly composed and beautifully laid out as far as the vocals is concerned, but there is something in the track that seems missing throughout, but you can’t really point it out. The track at one point seems rather monotonous.

2.      Why don’t you come to my arms

This track comes across as old school. Although bringing back the old charm maybe appealing most of the time, this one doesn’t quite make the cut quite well. The track lacks a certain luster to it. Again, the elusive missing element surfaces here.

3.      One more reason

This track is quite monotonous but manages to capture the listener’s attention at times.

4.       Till I get a true love

This track gives the listener a semblance of as the tunes change to a different not with this one. The acoustics show slight change, if any, and the vocals are much much better in this track, making the audience to hope the next one turns out better.

5.      Stupid heart

This track manages to bring back the old charm in the music, unlike the previous ones. The artist makes use of his potential to induce the old charm into the track and make it every bit likeable.

6.      Private Sky

The monotony of the previous songs renders the listener to notice any change in the notes or any minor rhythm in the music. And this comes as a pleasant change in the way the album progresses.

7.      It was not by accident

This track is again consistent with the previous tracks. The artist has a lot of potential which is still lying to be unleashed.

8.       What went so wrong

This track does show some variety and is peppy. The artist almost sounds like the adorable Hugh Grant from Music and Lyrics. And the track also manages to keep the energy going on until the end and doesn’t disappoint the listener.

9.      Songs like this

The lyrics maybe great and thoughtful but the composition does not match up the standard of the lyrics. The acoustics need a change.

10.  Pretty Queen

The acoustics do change and for good. Chuck can really pull off some cool peppy notes with a dash of jazz, but songs like these hardly make it into this album. Had the artist stuck this genre, the album would have turned out entirely different, making it more appealing.

11.  This world, our home

Again a similar composition. The album needs fresh songs like Pretty Queen.

12. What has made you change

Apart from the lyrics, the song just doesn’t connect with the listener. Needs a breathe of fresh air.

Album Verdict: The album needs more tracks like Pretty Queen & L.O.V.E. Should be better with the next album!

Album Rating: ★★★☆☆