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Artist: Seong-Min Brian Baek

Album: Toward The Eternal Rest

Genre(s): Instrumental, Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Latin


New York City-based Seong-Min Baek, after his compositions – Heart of the Warrior and The Suite Affection , is back with “Toward The Eternal Rest”, released on the 17th of February, 2014. Consisting of five instrumental tracks, these compositions are as enchanting and picturesque as his previous efforts. It is filled with similar technical brilliance; though each track spans over a comparatively shorter duration.

The instrumentation reflects

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an exotic combination of rock/jazz/fusion/latin styles and yet does not go over your head! The progression of tracks speaks to listener; each building on the strengths of the other.

Track Rating
You’re Magic ★★★★½
Far Off The Coast ★★★★☆
Streams of Tears ★★★★½
Before You Leave Me ★★★★½
Your Impromptu Kisses ★★★☆☆

1. You’re Magic

It’s easy to get lost in this track since the variations in notes and strings are so gradual. You will definitely be absorbed by its finer nuances. Fast paced and fluid, this track is crafty, capturing moments that are fleeting yet effervescent like a skillfully executed magic trick!

2. Far Off The Coast

Florid, breezy guitar strings follow a slightly more tranquil melody that wavers, then dwindles in intensity. The strumming is in particular laud-worthy… gentle, yet stirring up a whole range of sentiments.

3. Streams of Tears

This track takes its time to reach you. It starts off soothing, almost like a lullaby before the notes grow more deliberate and intricate; ebbing away from the initial momentum and taking you to a more poignant, quiet, almost solitary place.

4. Before You Leave Me

The rhythm grabs you from the beginning – Baek is at his best, setting his soul free, which is perfect, given the title of this track. The instrumentation has a nifty, carefree quality about it. It feels adroit, passionate but also a bit reckless… allowing the track to reach new highs!

5. Your Impromptu Kisses

At its core, a slinky and dreamy instrumental! Midway, the notes almost feel familiar but in a sweet, pseudo-nostalgic way. However, towards the end, as subtly nuanced as it was, the track seems to lose its steam for me.

Verdict: From snappy to gentle, vivid to sentimental and blending a range of styles, Toward The Eternal Rest is wholesome and reflective in its every note!

Picks of the Album: You’re Magic, Streams of Tears, Before You Leave Me

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆