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The Goldilocks Enigma is a husband and wife music ministry devoted to bringing inspired music to the masses in an attempt at steering people toward a relationship with Jesus Christ. Here we review four singles by The Goldilocks Enigma.


Track Name Rating
Babylon is Fallen ★★★★☆
Elohim ★★★☆☆
From Belief to Follow ★★★★½
How Dare You ★★½☆☆

  1. Babylon is Fallen

The song got this Southern vibe to it that peppy and enjoyable. The lazy, laid back crooning to those rather indolent lyrics is somehow very appealing to the ears and your mood at the same time. The song puts you at ease in a jiffy, probably that was what the artists were going for.

  1. Elohim

The beginning of the track seems more like Karaoke recording than anything else, and that can be said about the chorus throughout the song. If the artist was going for a laid back and relaxed rhythm, there’s absolutely no telling. As the song progresses, it gives us hope and takes a turn to get the action right. The song is a good composition.

  1. From Belief to Follow

This song pretty much casino online manages to deliver all the elements that the artist intended to in the previous track. The vocals are probably the best part of this track, especially the female vocals, giving the track a much needed edge to the track. The acoustics blend perfectly well with the vocals and make a rhythm of their own.

  1. How Dare You

The song, apart from the lyrics doesn’t really come across as much of a interesting track. The indolent crooning becomes more bothersome than pleasant. The song could have been so much better considering its potential, but alas, the artists disappoint us on this one.

Album Verdict: Mellow and pleasant.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆