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Artist: Musical Spa

Album: Spa Music Collection 3

Genre: Soul

Musical Spa is a family of New Age composers dedicated to creating Music for Wellness. Their new age catalog is comprised of some of the best relaxing music for Massage, Healing, Spa, Yoga, Meditation and more. Their purpose is to provide our listeners with the ultimate relaxation music experience so they can calm the mind, relax and unwind. Their talented composers, come from around the World and have different music backgrounds which allow them to create the most pleasant relaxing experience for you.


Track Name Rating
Ocean Meditation ★★★☆☆
Arabian Dream ★★★★½
In Alandalus ★★★½☆
One Day In Atlantis ★★★½☆
Relaxing Rains Of Asia ★★★½☆
The Doors Of Himalaya ★★☆☆☆
When I Was Young ★★★★☆
The Garden’s Queen ★★★½☆
Flavia’s Room ★★★☆☆
The Last Night In Paradise ★★★★☆
Sunset In Alexandria ★★★½☆
Voices Of Amazonia ★★★★½
Nautilus Song ★★½☆☆
From The Window Of The Lunar Mode ★★☆☆☆
  1. Ocean Meditation

The title has been aptly put for this song and the track justifies the title every bit. The track flow like a river yet gives you the feeling you’re meditating to an oceanic view. There is a sense of serenity associated with this track.

  1. Arabian Dreams

The tone of the track is maintained throughout and is tranquil enough to introduce that subtle chanting right where it is needed to give depth to the track. The track has extraordinary composition and could be best of the album.

  1. In Alandalus

The rhythm of the track could be thought of something slightly upbeat in this one but the artist maintains that level of equanimity in each of his tracks with that amazing talent of his. The transition from one segment to another is the magic of this track.

  1. One Day In Atlantis

The artist is certainly got the knack of giving titles perfectly well. He makes sure the track justifies it every bit, from the beginning to the end. And does this track justify the title, especially the way it begins with the sound of the waves.

  1. Relaxing Rains Of Asia

The artist perfectly captures the emotions that one goes through when one experiences rains in the tropics. The sounds of the nature are expressed through music that is both mystical and real at the same time.

  1. The Doors Of Himalaya

Though the artist tries his best, this one track doesn’t really have the mystical feeling that it is supposed to have, given the title. The track sounds somewhat drab and uninteresting. The composition could have been better.

  1. When I Was Young

The artist perfectly nails this one, making it as nostalgic as possible. The track has such depth that it almost turns the nostalgia into a melancholic memory, yet a pleasant one at that. The artist plays with different emotions at the same time and it easily reaches the audience.

  1. The Garden’s Queen

This track is a perfectly simple song with no hidden agenda as such. The track despite its simplicity and no major attraction serves its purpose of being what it is, a simple moment in life. The artist is quite brilliant to incorporate such a track.

  1. Flavia’s Room

The bells in this track are certainly an attraction and bring out the innocence of the track and what the artist is trying to convey through mere instruments. The composition could have been a bit more than the ordinary that is displayed.

     10. The Last Night In Paradise

The artist expresses the emotions in this track with such perfection that it is hard to miss by all the myriad emotions that pass by in this one track. The artist has yet again nailed another track.

     11. Sunset In Alexandria

The instruments are put to their best use to create the visual impact that one would experience while on a perfect sunset and the artist manages to do that just fine in this track.

    12. Voices Of Amazonia

The opera voice somewhere in the background is just what the track needs and sets the track different from the others. The earthy notes and their blend make it even more perfect to listen to. Certainly the best of the album.

   13. Nautilus Song

This track begins on a rather ominous note, but soon gets back to the artist’s usual light self. But sadly, this doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the tracks and fails to make an impression.

   14. From The Window Of The Lunar Mode

The tracks towards the end gets a little monotonous and fail to appeal to the listener and this track is one such. 

Album Verdict: Best put this album on repeat if you’re looking to relax.

Best picks: Voices Of Amazonia, When I Was Young, Arabian Dream

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆