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Music Album: Rhumba Numba

Artist: Stan Fischer

Lyrics: Stan Fischer


Stan Fischer, who has been trained in guitar-fingering technique, violin and keyboard theory, harmony and counterpoint, has come up with his very own album. His first CD Rhumba Numba was produced, written and recorded by himself.

Track Name Rating
Flat Wallet ★★★½☆
Camino Espanol ★★★★☆
Fatʼs Rag ★★★½☆
Cuttinʼ Up ★★★★☆
Front Street Roll ★★★★☆
Classical Mania ★★★★½
After Fall Comes Winter ★★½☆☆
  1. Flat Wallet

His training and proficiency is very much evident in this track and it maintains the level of symphony until the end. The keys keep you hooked without your attention wavering, which is pretty great for a first attempt.

  1. Camino Espanol

The title perfectly justifies the track in every manner. It does invoke the Spanish vibe as it progresses, as you make mental trip to the land and get a glimpse of the Tango dancers from there.

  1. Fat’s Rag

Although the title remains a little elusive, the track does impress you and so does the artist with sheer ingenuity. The track sure has got one hell of an ending, couldn’t have been more perfect.

  1. Cuttin’ Up

This track just shows us that the artist sure knows his keys. He is out there to prove and you know it. This track is one the best of the album, as the artist plays with keys with such ease to produce something that is out of the world.

  1. Front Street Roll

There’s magic and beauty associated with every song, you can’t help but ask for more from each track. But with this song, you end up wishing if there were lyrics to add to the already beautiful track.

  1. Classical Mania

There’s old charm associated with this track that sure justifies the title. It brings out the emotions of the classic music of the time that has gone by, as the feelings of melancholy surface as easy as ever.

  1. After Fall Comes Winter

This track is more or less a replica of the previous track, doesn’t really appeal to a mere listener but may appeal to a music aficionado.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆