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Artist:  Free Willy

Album: Remember the Alamo

Genre(s): Americana/ Alt. Country / Bluegrass

Remember the Alamo is a bluegrass crossover album that has some interesting sounds and songs. As the album progresses, it presents itself in many ways and only gets better.

The band has something called the “Free Willy Sound” which, in the words of the band, involves the lead instruments playing “over top of each other” on the breaks, rather than having the instruments “take turns”, and to inject lead breaks throughout the songs, including during the vocal parts.

Track Rating
1.     Amazing Gracie ★★★½☆
2.     American Medley ★★★☆☆
3.     Another Day Another Dollar ★★★☆☆
4.     As a Man Thinktith ★★★☆☆
5.     Down the Track ★★★½☆
6.     Get in the Car ★★★★☆
7.     God has a Name ★★½☆☆
8.     It’s Good If You Like It ★★★☆☆
9.     Meant to Be ★★★½☆
10.   Not Your Everyday Love Song ★★★★☆
11.   Remember The Alamo ★★★★½
12.  Sugar Baby ★★★★☆

1. Amazing Gracie

A love song at heart, some uplifting solos grace this number. The musicians are all at their peak, almost going at each other to get the lion’s share of the song. The resulting energy is infectious.

2. American Medley

Patriotic spirits abound in this nationalist number about the feeling that unites all Americans. Neatly packaged and sprightly, American Medley hits where it’s meant to.

3. Another Day Another Dollar

Touching on the values of a day’s hard work, this one’s another number on civilian sentiments. Very down-to-earth and matter-of-fact, this is a relatable track for anyone who has settled down.

4. As a Man Thinkith

As a Man Thinkith is an empowering song, touching philosophical grounds effortlessly. Continuing in the same pattern as the rest of the songs, things start getting a little on the monotonous side, though by no means drab.

5. Down the Track

Down the Track is a track with a steady guitar rhythm that sets the pace for the mood of the song. Carrying a reflective narrative, this one livens things up for the better.

6. Get in the Car

A slow, ballad-like tempo follows in Get in the Car, bringing the much-needed transition. An enjoyable listening experience, this laidback number grows on you and sticks with you till the end.

7. God has a Name

With God has a Name, Free Willy find themselves in familiar territory. With the lyric leaning toward sugary, this track isn’t the most impressive.

8. It’s Good If You Like It

In this folk number – this one following a story-based approach – the narrative is easy to follow and feels agreeable. Not beating about the bush, imagery is this track’s forte.

9. Meant to Be

Meant to Be is a easy country ballad that’s perfect for those chilly campfires. Soothing and easy to listen to, this love track is comfort food for the soul.

10. Not Your Everyday Love Song

This is a cheeky number with the fiddle dancing around the vocals, jumping around in joy. Ultimately, the fiddle’s the one thing that gels the entire song together, and is in fine form.

11. Remember the Alamo

Picking up from the previous tracks, this waltzy track sounds plush and rich. Beautiful harmonies adorn this song, and the melody in itself seals the deal for the album track. Featuring extended instrumental sections, there’s much to like about Remember the Alamo.

12. Sugar Baby

In a way, Sugar Baby starts from where Remember the Alamo left off, and is a fitting outro to a poignant number. The fiddle is in full flow once again, and captures the bittersweet essence of the track, even giving it a smiling, hopeful end.

Verdict: Bearing many shades of americana and bluegrass, this album will appeal to country music fans and purists.

Picks of the album: Get In The Car, Remember the Alamo

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆