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Artist: Ras Xix

Genre: Rock, Progressive Rock, Acoustic, Electronic, World


Track Name Rating
Weightless With You ★★★★☆
Nora 5 ★★★★½
Over ★★★½☆
Simulacrum ★★★★☆
Consent ★★½☆☆
If it’s Gone ★★★★½
Las Arenas de Cartagena ★★★★½
New Religion ★★★½☆
Intergalactic Love Affair ★★½☆☆
Miss Simon ★★★½☆
Machine ★★½☆☆


1.      Weightless With You

The track falls into place almost at all levels except for the vocals which seem to lack the energy to deliver something extraordinary. Despite the vocals, the track does fall into the top-notch category, probably because of the catchy notes interjected throughout the track.

2.      Nora 5

The track starts off with light keys and vocals catch up with an equal pace to bring you an amazing track. There is something about the vocals that goes perfectly well with the track and the simple acoustics bring out the magic in them to make the track perfect.

3.      Over

This track explores the wild side of the band and the energy, which is on the excess, shows through and through. The manic rendition of the energy is seen even in the lyrics. The instruments are in full swing, making the song a great piece of work.

4.      Simulacrum

The band manages to deliver something extraordinary through its composition. This is one such track where the light flow of the track and the romantic crooning of the vocals to those dreamy lyrics make the track worthy listening to.

5.      Consent

The band seems to be alternating between rock and acoustic with every song, which makes the album very appealing, but this one track somehow does not make the cut as the track is monotonous.

6.      If it’s Gone

This track, with its amazing lyrics complete with the humming in chorus and the bare bass, is probably the best of the album. The track flows like a stream of river and makes you wish it never ends.

7.      Las Arenas de Cartagena

With tappy notes and lyrics that go hand in hand with the rhythm of the track, this track is a fresh change in the genre from the previous tracks. The Latino twist to the lyrics and the key makes this track every bit exotic and appealing at the same time. The mystery card seems to have paid off well. Wow.

8.      New Religion

Progressive rock finally seems to resurface, and this track makes sure it is here to stay. The passionate pitching at places and the ringing notes to the off-beat lyrics, everything makes the track worth listening to.

9.      Intergalactic Love Affair

The title of the track is intriguing, but somehow the track does not come across as much intriguing as the title. There’s nothing interesting or catchy about this track. The monotony of it gets to you and makes you switch to the next song, sooner than later.

10.  Miss Simon

The raunchiness of a scandalous love affair is perfectly reflected through the sexy vocals. The mischief in the music and the transition of the notes brings a raciness into the track to give it a perfect finish.

11.  Machine

The album finishes on a disappointing note, not managing to impress the listener or hold the attention for long, the track doesn’t get registered into your memory. The bland vocals along with the not-so-catchy notes do not help the track at all.

Picks from the album: New Religion, Las Arenas de Cartagena, Simulacrum

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆